331ci 9:1 compression AFR 185 comp headed dyno results inside!

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  1. Well, I finally dyno'd the car with the AFR185 comp heads. This is the setup that was on the car when I ran 11.5 at 121mph. Up until now I haven't had the car dyno'd to see just how much power it was actually making. I speculated that it was over 400 based on the ET/trap speed but my curiosity got the best of me and I had to know. Unfortunately I think I picked the worst day of the year to dyno the car as the it was hot and humid as hell yesterday. The air inside the dyno area was a whopping 90.69*!!! Still, I came home happy.

    Here's the combo:
    -Dart sportsman 331ci 9:1 compression
    -AFR 185 competition heads
    -FTI cam from my old stock shortblock combo
    -probe shaft mount rockers
    -TMOSS ported Holley Systemax intake
    -75mm fox TB
    -30lb injectors
    -190lph pump
    -ASP pulleys
    -MAC 1-3/4" long tubes
    -Dr. Gas 3" into 2.5" X pipe
    -2.5" cat back with dynomax welded ultraflow mufflers
    -AEM ECU tuned by me
    -TKO trans
    -4.10 gears

    The results....


    Here's the graph:


    To say I am thrilled is an understatement. This car is almost too streetable to make power like this. LOL! For years I've been saying how streetable it is so on the way home I video'd a little street driving to show just what I'm talking about. Here's a video on the dyno and my little streetability example:

    YouTube - Paul Riva's 1995 Mustang GT 'vert's NA 331ci combo on the dyno and street

    I almost don't want to put the turbo on now as I can't help but think what this car would do with a cam actually designed for this combo and more compression...
  2. Unreal, that is insane for a n/a 331 and low compression!

    Your car has always done amazing things!


  3. Hell yeah! looks good!
  4. Looks Really Good Paul :nice:

    350#'s or better from 2800 to 6200 :banana:

    Like you said ... no telling what things would look like with a cam
    that was more suitable for the combo :eek:

  5. Corrected version...

  6. Thats awesome paul!

    Did u retard the cam at all when u installed it? Or is it installed the same way it was in the old combo?
  7. great numbers, now throw in a turbo cam and see what it can make, before you bolt on the big gun
  8. paul, your car is an embarrasment to the community, and to mustangs in general.

    please do us all a favor and get rid of it. just for the sake of making sure it is never driven on the street again, i'll buy it from you. how does $1000 sound?

    seriously tho, what kind of duty cycle are you seeing on those injectors?
  9. That's awesome Paul. Do you know the specs on that cam? Comp Cams just gave me the numbers for their custom grind, and I want to compare.

  10. Absolutely stupendous numbers for a low compression N/A 331 Paul. A torque output of at least 1.0rwtq/ci over a wide 2600-6300rpm band speaks volumes for the efficiency of the engine, so I can only imagine how much more efficient it would be with a 10.0:1 compression. You'd probably get ~20rwhp/20rwtq more.
  11. Awesome numbers, that curve is great.... Must be that engine builder:D

    As far as duty cycle on the inj I would assume its pretty high up top, what did you end up with as a base Fuel Pressure. I know in the past 2 years I have started running smaller inj then in the past, mush easier to make things streetable with out fouling plugs...and now you see how much power can be had from a 30lb'r.

    Assuming a 17-18% driveline loss your making about 490BHP :nice: You wont regret tossing on the turbo, but you wont use 80% of the new power on the street. I'm a little more generous then Chris, Ill give you $1050 and I'll come pick it up..lol
  12. :lol::lol: Paul called me Wednesday night and i told him someone was bound to say this. Just kinda funny that it was the first post. not picking on you Chris, just funny.

    Again Paul, great numbers. the torque curve is better than what i thought it would be. I'm with Troy though, put in a turbo cam!
  13. That was the first thing that came to mind, how ironic I was the 1st reply and you called it haha. That is funny though haha.

  14. Is your water temp gauge working? From the looks of it you were around 230* from what I could make out.

    You will have the best of both worlds if you put your old combos cam in your cobra (IIRC the rest of that setup is already on it)...you will be able to basically jump in your old combo and jump into your vert after you get a turbo and have a demon. Many envy both your combo's...most would die for either one and you would still have a backup lol.

    Just to nit-pick...your HP numbers are very close to that of a 11 factory fresh J/K
  15. Great numbers for a 331. Rick built my engine too. Maybe I should put on a tmoss ported intake.

    What I dont understand is how you went 29 cubic inches higher and 122rwhp more. Can someone explain that? Why is it that the old combo was so weak on the rw? or why is this new one so high?
  16. Nice is all I can say.

    Must be the tuner.
  17. Great numbers
  18. Thanks everyone!

    Chris- LOL! I take pride in researching and applying whatever knowledge I can to my combos and the results luckily have been good. However, I NEVER expected numbers like these out of this combo. When I first put it together with the AFR 165's I expected 330ish rwhp, and I got 380! I then put these AFR 185 comps and expected to see ~400 but I never knew they'd pick the combo up everywhere like they did. This is so much fun that it kind of makes me want to continue to be NA and keep tinkering with it...

    Grady- I was happy with the peak numbers but the area under the curve is what really impresses me with this combo. It picked up a lot more down low and in the mid-range than I ever expected. The SOTPM told me that it picked up a ton when I put these heads on, and now I can see why.

    Adam- We shall see... :D

    Nate- It is installed exactly as stated on the cam card now. However, I had it in wrong on the old combo and I believe we are 2* retarded from where it was in the old 302 combo. I realized this about a year or so after I put that combo together. I installed it assuming the lobes were symmetrical which they are not and thus I installed it wrong. It ran so well I decided not to mess with it in the old 302. On this engine it was put in correctly according to what Ed recommended on the cam card.

    Chris- I just checked the logs and I'm seeing a max duty cycle of 77%, and this was in an area of the map where my AF was 12.0:1 so it was fatter there than it needed to be. The last few hundred RPM of the map with a AF closer to 12.8:1 was ~74%. I forgot to see what my base FP is set at but I think it is 45lbs. The fuel pump is a 190lph that has been in the car since 2001.

    Kurt, I haven't looked at the cam card in so long I don't remember the exact specs anymore. I actually went looking for the card recently and couldn't find it. I assume it is one of the many boxes I haven't gotten around to sorting after we moved... in December. LOL! Generally I know the duration is in the mid 220's, lift is between .530-.540, and I know for a fact it has a 110lsa because when i put it in everyone said a 110lsa wouldn't work in a 94-95 due to the EEC.

    blksn955.o- You are observant! The autometer sending unit is located in the back of the intake in a blind coolant hole. If I get into traffic or idle for a while when it is hot like it was that day it'll creep up to 250 as it heat soaks. I don't even look at it anymore and I knwo the factory gauge works and I can see by my AEM datalogs that the coolant doesn't get above 190* One of these days I'll put the autometer in the stock t-stat housing, I just need to find time to do it. And thanks for the compliment on the combos, I appreciate that. The plan is to put the FTI cam in the cobra once I get a way to tune it and once I decide if the new cam for the 331 will be a turbo or NA cam, and if it'll be a SR or HR cam.

    Bullitt95- thanks!!! I can't help but to think the same way. Increased compression and a cam swap would probably do wonders for this combo.

    Rick- Thanks again for such a great bottom end build. You are a true craftsman! See above for the injector info. I may sell the turbo and show up at your door one day with a 4.125" bore 347 kit for you to install for me!

    Pokageek- The holley is a great intake but the runners are not matched well at all. There was a huge difference in flow between the runners and Tom did his best to average them out. Not only did I increase the cubes, I have a better block which gives a better foundation, I have much better flowing heads, intake, TB, headers, X pipe, etc. The only thing left from my old 302 combo now is the cam, FPR, pulleys, and fuel pump. Everything else has been changed and replaced. Also, don't get hung up on peak numbers. The reason I ran so well with the old 302 combo was my area under the curve in the RPM range I saw as I went down the track. This combo has similar curves, only with a lot more peak and bottom end.

    thanks Charlie! I think I'm getting the hang of it... when it is boosted it'll be a whole new ball game though.
  19. congrats again paul!
  20. Cool, that sounds about right for my cam then. The engine builder talked me into going with Comp Cams for a grind. He knows a guy on the inside there, so he can get stuff done pretty well. That, and I gave up on Ed, the communication chain with him was almost non existant. I think the cam specs were .590"/.571 and 232/236 on a 112 lobe sep. Quite a bit smaller then what I am running now. The overall specs are a little bigger then what you have, but I have more compression, more cylinder head, and more displacement, so it all makes sense. I think he went with 112 degrees on the lobe sep because I emphasized that this was going to be a nitrous motor.