331ci 9:1 compression AFR 185 comp headed dyno results inside!

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  1. Great numbers! my NA 333ci Stroker with AFR 185s that Rick built for me makes similiar numbers but using a little more compression:nice:
  2. Congrats... Great Numbers
  3. Those are some awesome number, thats one killer combo you have going:flag:
  4. Those numbers are unblievably good and im totally jealous. You have a way of working out every possible hp and ET times out of your setups. I guess i just never had the patience to do that. I got bored and power hungry with each of my previous setups the little time i had them. And now your talking about possibly delaying the turbo and seeing what an additional amount you can make with another cam? I just must be completely different then you because another maybe 20 horse vs 100+ is a no brainer to me.. LOL

    I vote turbo right away!!! Jump your game up to the next level and play with the bigger kids. LOL U will have much more fun i promise you. ;) Plus i hate seeing you kill all my old numbers.. lol
  5. I think there is some sound logic in this. Why wear the engine out before you put it to it's full potential?

  6. :scratch:
    Those numbers are amazing. I'm running a 410 Windsor (10.3:1) with AFR 205's and my #'s are 408rwhp and 440rwtq. I ran an 11.90 @ 118 with a 1.8 '60. My tune is dead on too. I'm amazed that a 331 makes so much power. Maybe I should get my setup checked out.
  7. wow. what cam and intake?
  8. TFS R intake and the cam is a custom grind by Comp. It's more of a street profile and I could easily use the car as a daily driver. NEVER stalls or gives me any driveability issues. I know there's a lot more power left in the cam but I'd rather have a car I can enjoy and I'm more than happy with the power it makes. Approx 480-490 fwhp.
  9. Moneypit- Thanks man! I'm a bit OCD when it comes to putting my combo's together. I research the hell out of my decisions, consult those with more know-how than me, and take my time putting it all together to ensure I help the air flow remain as unrestricted as I can. I always hated seeing guys dump more and more money into their setups only to be disappointed with the money spent and the results they had. Many of these guys would have had different outcomes with their setups if they would have slowed down and maximized what they had before they added things like a power adder and such. I just never wanted to be that guy. I'd just end up frustrated and pissed off just like them and that would take the fun out of it. To me, maximizing a combo is the fun part; sure it also comes with frustrations as things don't always work out as planned. My goal is and always has been to trap 130mph in the 1/4 and call it quits. That is all I want. The turbo will blow this out of the water. I guess I built too good of an NA setup. LOL! I'm considering selling the turbo kit and just putting an S/T trim on the car pullied only enough to get me to my goal. Although a cam might only give me 20hp or so, I need it regardless and I'd hate to put it in with testing it to see what it was worth NA before putting the power adder on.

    Kurt, you have a point, but I don't put many miles on this car anymore so I'm not worried about wearing anything out. I feel that putting the power adder on it before realizing its full NA potential is a bit of a waste though too, even though it wasn't designed as an NA combo.

    DragRacer9506- I wouldn't be distraught yet. What does the car weigh? What is the track elevation and what was the weather like when you ran it? I assume by your username that you are not new to drag racing, but have you run the car a lot at the track to realize what it likes in terms of launch RPM, shift points etc? Is it geared correctly to maximize the combo? See, I ran at a low elevation track in good air, my car is geared perfectly for my combo as I cross a few hundred RPM over my peak HP RPM, and I have hundreds of passes down the track in this car. I've been racing it since '98 and it has evolved from a stock time of 15.2 at 90mph to its current 11.5 at 121. I can tell you what nearly every modification was worth in terms of trap speed and ET as I started racing this car to measure the gains of performance parts as at the time I got into this hobby there were no dyno's anywhere around me. It enabled me to become efficient at getting this car down the track. Your making nearly 1rwhp/ci which isn't bad at all. What were the incrementals of your 11.9 at 118? I'm willing to go out on a limb and say our runs to the 1/8th mile will be very close, my car however pulls like a freight train on the top end of the track. I pick up nearly 27mph from the 1/8th to the 1/4. It has always been a top end puller though, even when I had the 302 combo in it.
  10. I don't drive my car much either anymore, so I'm no board with you there. My car pulls hard to the 1/8th, then falls on it's face. What's your 1/8th time like?

  11. Kurt/Paul/anyone else,

    what makes a car fall on its face after the 1/8th, or pull extremely hard? What part of the combo controls this performance?

    Im assuming it has to do with the motor performing better with a specific load on it depending on which gear you are in. Would it be high load from the start and decreasing thereafter in each gear?
  12. I think you put it better than I could too much weight and too short a gear hurts. I think the second most critical thinghas is cam selection.

  13. tooo smalll of cam will make it pull great til the 1/8th then fall off up top
  14. What i dont get i guess is how anything in front of the trans can tell what speed/distance the car is going/traveled. MAF's are the only thing that use load in tuning right? And even fox's were rpm based (rather than load based like our cars....or is it the other way lol). But even with carbs or speed density...is load a factor?

    I've always wondered this so bear with me....but a cam spins with the engine....from 0rpm to redline. You shift...and it goes back down in that same window. It sees the same window in 1,2,3,4 gears. How does it get an advantage after 1/8th mile if the motor sees the same speed in each gear? I could see if the motor speed increased with each gear or something....but im just missing something or over analyzing i guess.

    Now that i've rambled i have another thought, a small cam will have a better low end, which is why a shorter race is of benefit. A larger cam will have a better high end, which is why a longer race benefits it since it will be in that high rpm window for a longer period of time? But doesnt this go against pauls great results? I guess we'll only know when/if he decides to up the cam for the n/a motor.
  15. you hit it on the head , the smaller cam makes more torque and the quicker 1/8th time the bigger cam makes more hp and helps the 1/4 mile time at least to some extent
  16. My cam was too big, and made the car fall off up top. Remember, a big cam is going to help you in the upper rpm band. Once you get past the 1/8th, the car is trying to eat it's way through 4th. It spends more time at a lower rpm in that gear, and falls flat because the car doesn't make enough torque.

  17. A big reason my top end is decent is because my car is geared correctly and makes a lot of power under the curve in the rpm range I am in from the 1/8th mile on. I shift into 4th right at the 1st 1/8th mile timer and run that one single gear out for the remainder of the last 660'. I don't have any datalogs in front of me to calculate it out but I'd bet that given the specific RPM range I am in for the last 1/2 of the track is above those with similar 1/8th mile times. I also agree that my weight hurts my 1st 1/2 of the track as it takes more energy to get my m-ass moving. :)

    edit- I started typing this early this morning and just got around to submitting it now and I saw Kurt's reply above. It helps illustrate what I mean by area under the curve in the rpm range you are in during the last 1/2 of the track.
  18. This is what it is all about when talking about making more power on the
    big end of the 1320 :)


    You see peeps talk about power under the curve :nice:

    We are NOT talking dedicated race car here !!!

    For this very reason :Word:

    That is why I like to see dyno curves of street car combos :banana:

    You can tell right off the bat how the car is gonna behave on the street ;)

    Again ... like Paul said ... after the 1/8 mile mark ...........

    he is in
    A N D
    he stays in for a longer amount of time

    The power under the curve

    When this kind of thing happens ............
    it makes for a very fun street car that ............
    doesn't need downshifting to feel the power we all crave :D

    So you see :)

    The focus here is not just on making power :nono:

    Its how you plan the combo to make power W H E R E you want it ;)

  19. Sweet, thanks for reassuring my thinking guys.
  20. I set my car up the same way..I hit 4th gear at the 1/8 mile timer. I usually trap 91 mph.I havent took my car to the 1/4 yet but the calculators say I should be at 6k in 4th gear when I cross the line...