331ci 9:1 compression AFR 185 comp headed dyno results inside!

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  1. I have always been a street car guy although I went a little radical with this car. Rick has been building some freaks lately with these High HP cars.
  2. Well that's just it....there's nothing afoul here. I race at sea level (west palm bch, fl) and it was a nice cool night when i ran the car. 60 ft's weren't spectacular considering my suspension setup (1.8). But I really didn't try too hard with the launches because believe it or not, im still running the stock rear with the exception of 373's. But I'm not sure how much better the mph would have gotten and that's what I look at when I race. I like a nice, high mph. I'm sure a 1.5-1.6 '60 woulda got me an 11.40 but I don't think it woulda done much for mph. And that is what impresses me most about your runs. But, that's not to say I wasn't happy running 118. The car is set up for street and there's a lot of hp left in the cam. And I was def happy with what I ran. BUT I WANTED 120 :lol:
  3. mph is driven by hp et is how well you hook and use your available power
  4. This is just another example of taking your time and doing things the right way the first time. Good parts and patience will turn into good power!
  5. Don't forget money. The difference in ET has more to do with cubic dollars than cubic inches.

  6. Awesome numbers. Makes me not regret doing my 331 as much now. I'm running a 331 with the afr 185 comp heads, but i decided to be lazy and make mine carbed. I would love to see 350hp at the tires.