345ci Nitrous'd Notchback Progress Thread

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  1. Just kidding... but seriously, since everyone else is doing it here is my progress thread.

    Here is a rundown of the complete setup...

    Bryant 3.33 stroke billet crank
    Carillo 5.62 rods
    Arias pistons
    Comp Cam
    Trick Flow Track Heat CNC ported 205's
    Comp 1.6 Rockers with TFS girdle
    Trick Flow R-box intake

    Complete UPR K-member kit
    Strange Struts and shocks
    MM & ededbrock control arms in the rear
    Rear Cobra Brakes
    SVO brakes up front

    TKO trans with a Centerforce DFX clutch


    2 eh mabye 300 hp worth of Juice


  2. wow nice
  3. WOW!! I got a chubby!! :D

    How was installing that front end stuff?
  4. YEAAAAHHH!!! Nice!
  5. installing it... that was easy. now if you asked how it was getting the old stuff out, that would be a different story. i dropped the a-arm and when it hit the jack it made the F'in jack handle swing up and cracked me in the back of the head. i dont know how it didnt knock me out, it felt like someone ran up and hit me with a louiseville slugga'

    im sure thats gonna make somebody laugh
  6. stock block?
  7. negative. R-block
  8. looks real good. i pmed a mod a while ago, cant remember who, most other forums have a specific part of the forum for build ups. i suggested we do that, they said what we have works but it was a plausible idea, so then i said we should make a thread and sticky it with links to everyones build up thread. no other comments. need to find the mod i talked to to get it in motion. seems like everyones making thier own progress thread.

    car looks awesome by the way. love the front end setup.
  9. lookin' good jeff! that's what you get for not waiting :D
  10. Looks good and yes I laughed but only 'cause I've done the same thing. LOL
  11. awesomeness :nice:
  12. i always liked that stangnet didnt have a seperate section for buildups, i think it takes some of the excitement out of the threads. when i go on turbomustangs.com and look at the progress pages on there i get bored really fast. me, i just like to keep things simple i guess, i stick with my 5.0 tech and talk.
  13. not much new, motors going on the engine dyno next weds for a quick break-in and to be sure there are no leaks or fun little problems before i get it in the car, were gonna make a couple power pulls with it but im not as concerned with what it makes on the engine dyno as what it makes on the chassis dyno.

    also today i milled out my spacer to 90mm, pic attached. it pays to work at a machine shop where the boss lets me use whatever i want as long as im not on the clock :rock:

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  14. that is sweeet. nice work
  15. yeah im beginning to understand that, but since we cant search 5.0 talk (or did they fix that?) im going, dang where is rigamarole's build up thread, i wanna check something. and then i cant find it. or i realize someone has the wheels and springs i want, so i try to search the threads they made hoping they have one, and they never do.

    all im suggesting is a thead, in talk, where you post your link to your build up thread. no other comments, just a link to your thread. and leave that one thread stickied. the other build threads can float around.
  16. well the motor was dynoed last week and sadly it threw a rod right through the pan...
  17. JUST KIDDING... but seriously i did dyno the motor on an engine dyno with a carb and some dual plane intake and it made 440 hop and 410 ft. lbs of torque, and MOST importantly it didnt leak, there was no traces of metal in the filter and it idled and ran like it should have.

    i will have some more pics of the finished suspension install and the motor is now in the car as of last weekend :flag:, just put the headers on tonight, all thats really left is the x-pipe and intake i believe
  18. Wow, only 40 lbs of torque? What is it? A go kart engine :scratch:
  19. 440hp is damn good, you might want to rethink the 40 tq thing though. Good numbers though