345ci Nitrous'd Notchback Progress Thread

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  1. I sure did! actually, its a miracle i didnt get pulled over. Got to my buddies house not to far from where i live, and he goes "Do you have plates for this thing?" So i was driving on slicks, with no license plate :D
  2. Hahaha, nice.
  3. Congrats Jeff, you now have the sickest notch on the interweb.
  4. Agreed, i think that motor has a blower on it though. The wheels/tires on that car with the redfire is awesome, but i'd still rather have my car
  5. Looks rich, haha.

    This is with the new Buddy Rawls cam, right?
  6. Rich is what im hoping, we put new valve seals in the motor so i hope its not the rings.

    yes, Buddy Rawls did the cam, also known as Dan rawls. Theres a guy with the username Buddy Rawls on corral, but thats a different guy
  7. Really? Wow... That throws me for a loop. Which one is which? The guy on Corral seems to know his way around a cam.
  8. Dan Rawls is the owner of Cleveland Performance, and was the one that ran Brian Mitchells car in NMRA renegade. The other guy, i dont know who that is. I PM'd the guy on corral thinking it was Dan not too long ago and he informed me that they werent the same guy.

    Good read on Dan. EFI renegade amazes me. 8.40's on factory hydraulic lifters.

    Interview with DiabloSport EFI Renegade Racer Dan Rawls - StangTV.com
  9. Awesome notch!!! I have a 93 4cyl(not for long) that I will start working on when I get back from deployment.

    I have a few of questions regarding your set-up:
    How do you like UPR's products?
    What all is done to your 8.8? Internal and external mods
    What are the specs on your tire/rim combo?
  10. Thank you for your service :flag:

    My UPR K-member has been giving me nothing but problems with header fitment. The rear suspension is Team Z.

    The 8.8 has 4.30 gears, a TA performance cover, Eaton posi(this has held up to a ton of abuse), the quad shock brackets were removed and ground smooth, then the ends were cut off and the housing was narrowed .250'' and 9'' ford housing ends were welded on so that the rear end housing is straight.

    The fronts are 15x3.5, with 165/80 tires. I do not know the backspacing. The rears are 15x10 with a 6.5'' backspace and a 275/60 drag radial for the street and a 28x10.5 ET drag for the track.
  11. sounds badass ! !
  12. 10.6 @ 126 with a 1.4 60' ??? That's hauling ass, Jeff. Congratulations dude!! :nice:
  13. yes a real testament to your motor, my cars pretty stripped with more cubes and I'm running the same times as you - great job glad to see you killed getting that 10 second slip
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  14. Thanks, Me and the car are going on a diet for next season. I weighed it at epping with 1/4 tank and it was 3250 with me in it, this past weekend i had a full tank, so im going to guess it was at 3300# or slightly over. Gonna take as much as i can out of the car without removing the heater this winter, but im also adding a few bars to make it a 10pt. I'd like to get it back to around 3150 if i can.

    I was pretty suprised myself that it went 10.84 off the trailer, then shocked when it went 10.74, and when it went 10.67 i had to look at the slip 3 times before it sank in that i went faster.
  15. best thread on stangnet of read in a half decade...bringing this back from the dead, read all 12 pages