345ci Nitrous'd Notchback Progress Thread

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  1. Lol thanks man, i appreciate it. my new kirkey seats will be here thursday, and im gonna order a heater core from LRS this week. Ill be excited to finally have heat in the car again.
  2. Well, kirkey seats are in, I updated the 8 pt to a 10 pt so the car wil be good to 8.50, annnnnd, i put a deposit on THIS!

  3. Red X of death!!
  4. fixed. i think you had to be a member of the nmra forums to view the other pic
  5. Awesome! Dart block? You going with forced induction this time around?
  6. yep 9.5 deck dart aluminum, going to do this one on motor too, maybe a little juice if it will help me squeeze into the eights
  7. Sweet...Alum huh? They can be a PIA to seal sometimes...

    How many cubes?
  8. Its a 427, lunati billet rods, lunati crank and JE pistons. I didnt really have my heart set on an aluminum block, but im getting the shortblock for less than what the block would cost after machine work, and there is no weight i can take out of this car anymore, so 100 off the nose is great
  9. I looked at that pic and I thought "that doesn't look like cast iron"...

    Sweet Jesus, I just spooged all over the inside of my pants. You owe me a new pair of pants! I'll settle for the old 345", though, and we'll call it even.

    Uhh, seriously though, what are you doing with the 8.5 deck motor? Is it for sale?
  10. Im gonna put the 8.2 deck motor up for sale towards the end of this summer and see what happens. I havent decieded on a price yet but when i do put a price on it im not going to take any lowball offers on it. If i end up losing a ton of money on it ill just put it in storage and keep it. Id really like to see what the small motor could do in a much lighter car
  11. Rick what do you mean when you say aluminum is hard to seal? You mean the rings?
  12. Holy :poo:... 427 aluminum Dart. [speechless].:burnout:
  13. the long term goal with the car is to compete in drag weeks small block NA street class, i am hoping to run mid nines with the new motor after all the bugs are ironed out
  14. Bad ass Jeff, didn't know you were jumping on something like that this soon. Did you get the car back?
  15. Any chance you're selling the TFS Box R and going carb? I'd take it off your hands.
  16. Yea ive had the car back for a couple of weeks now, i still have to button up the dash and re wire all my gauges, works been pretty nuts and its been a little cold so ive been slacking on the car. I was planning on buying the stuff for the top end now and piecing together the shortblock after i got my taxes but when i saw this setup i took the plunge.

    Ill be using a CHI 4.0 on the new motor but i dont think this one is coming apart anytime soon, and if i do sell it, i am going to try and sell the thing as a package to someone that wants a turn key, proven 10 second street motor
  17. Oh man, I was going to lowball you. :D
  18. Slight updated, More Power...​
    So i went to a local dyno tonight, this all started a couple weeks ago my pump started sounding funny when it primed, and it was slowly dropping fuel pressure when cruising. I had a fuel filter sitting on the shelf so i swapped that in and the priming sound went back to normal, and the fuel pressure was where it should have been. This all happened the day before i was going to a local dyno day, the car made 384 hp the first pull, i pulled a total of 8 degrees of timing out of it cause it was detonating and power ended at 395.

    About a week ago i talked to my cam guy and he told me something was way off, that i had a bad fuel, i wanted to get the issue sorted out before this racing season so i rented a local dyno, and filled the tank with Sunoco 93 octane fuel, put the original timing map in it(total timing at 31*), and added 20% fuel to the top end of the VE table.

    I made my first pass and it pulled nice and smooth, the dyno operator told me it made 416 hp but it was running a little rich, so i took 10% out of the VE table for the next pull and it picked up 2 hp. The next pull i put another degree of timing in it and it made 420 hp. I tried putting 1 more degree in it and power started falling off. By this point, i was 35 minutes into my first hour and had basically done all i needed to do. I figured i would make a couple more pulls and keep playing with the timing, knowing that the trick flow stuff dosent need a ton of timing to make power i decieded to take a few degrees out of it. I backed the timing down to 27 degrees and it made 428hp and 393 ft/lbs.

    I was pretty suprised the car made over 400, ive had this car on 3 different dynos and it has made 390 on all of them, the peak came in at about 6100 and the motor held around 420+ hp till 6600. After 6600 the power falls off hard. I looked at one log i took of a pull and its looking like i could be running out of injector, the duty cycle in the upper RPM's shoots up to 92% just before power starts falling off
  19. Thanks Rick, hows things going at your shop? Any progress on your car?