345ci Nitrous'd Notchback Progress Thread

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  1. Damn, man, that's awesome! I was always suspect that your combo was worth more than 400. Now I want to see you have it back at the track, you'll be murdering those 10s!
  2. I forget, are you running the long runner R, or the box?
  3. Yea i definitley thought the motor was making more power than the chassis dyno suggested but i wouldnt have thought it was making this much, im going to be at the track saturday and im also going on april 27th for a rental so i should be able to get a ton of runs that day.

    BTW these dyno numbers were after i drover the car 20 minutes and hit some traffic on the way there, the car had some heat in it which is what i wanted, i wanted the numbers to be as consistent with when i drive the car to the track as possible

    The car has the box R on it. Id actually like to try the regular R upper again, i really dont think the box helped at all, but i changed a couple things when i swapped the box onto it so its hard to say if it helped or hurt
  4. Shop is growing which is good, but that takes time away from mine. Although I do plan to have it back on the street by summer...yes just your normal 25.5 chassis, 32v, turbo'd to hell and back 91 GT....man I cant wait it's been way too long.
  5. Hahaha yesssssssss.
  6. Figured id update this... Well, after feeling like the car was pretty dialed in on motor, i got off my ass and wired the window switch for the nitrous. The car has a 150 shot in it. The first pass i made on the juice it went 10.05 at 135mph on a pretty hot and humid day. Then the bottle ran out the next pass. So i went back to the track two weeks later, on a much cooler day, no humidity, with 2 full bottles this time. First pass went 10.20 at 136mph. The pass was ugly and violent. Pulled the wheels up pretty good, then unloaded the tires, then i got out of the gas, and then when i got back into it, it pulled the tires up again, then when i shifted 2nd, it did another little wheelie. The car stayed straight the whole time so it didnt feel like the pass was that bad in the car until i watched the video. The second pass of the day i added 2psi in the slicks and moved the front struts two clicks tighter. The pass felt very smooth, but something didnt feel right so at about 1100 feet i let the car coast thru the traps. I still went a 9.93 at 131mph. I was pretty pumped about this.

    So the next pass i went up, and tried to leave a bit harder, and the car went mid 10's at 128 mph. I was out of nitrous at about 100 feet. The good news though, the car launched perfect, best pass ive ever made in the car. Including a new personal best 1.39 sixty foot. At this point i was pretty excited... I put the fresh bottle in and went out loaded for bear. Tried launching the car at about 6000rpms on the spray, and i found a soft spot in the driveline..............


    All in all, it was a successful day. I ran my first 9 second pass, and came home happy despite breaking the eaton posi into 100 pieces. The car is getting some 33 spline axles and a spool next
  7. Guess that was your weakest link. Rebuild then go back for more.
  8. Doh! 9s FTW, though! That's awesome!

    Edit- what ever happened to your big-inch Windsor plans?
  9. I just gave PK machine some cash, the cylinder heads, intake and cam, so that should be coming together soon. Dont know when that will be in the car though
  10. both great pictures and 9 sec slip, awesome!
  11. Thanks, im up to 4 nine second slips now. Working on getting some more on black friday :)
  12. So I see your going to build something bigger. What will you use for a trans? I see that is for sale. How do you like the megasquirt? I would almost consider buying your fuel system if some just wants the engine.

  13. My plan is to use my transmisson if i dont sell it. If i do i will probably end up with a faceplated TKO600, or a T56 if i can find a deal. The megasquirt is great, although, i may go with holley EFI for the new motor, or MS3X, i havent decieded yet. Also, my fuel system is pretty basic. 255 in the tank, 255 external, and stock lines to the stock fuel rails.