345hp gt-40 crate motor w/ gt-40x heads

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by lafngas306, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. i blew my motor about 2 weeks ago and i really dont know much about putting a motor together so i was thinkin about just buying one already assembled. if anyone has the gt-40 crate motor with the b303 cam or e303 cam and gt-40x heads would post some feedback about the motor id appreciate it. or if anyone knows someone who has it and likes it let me know. i have a trickflow track heat intake going on top of it. please give me some feedback or help. thank you very much to who ever helps me out.
  2. I think they would be a decent motor.. I wouldn't use the B cam i'd go E but then again I would probably stick my own choice in there.. The problem I have with them is that they are built with hyperetic pistons and pretty much production parts which is fine if you don't plan on much over 450-500 hp.. A lot of the FMS engines are a bit high on the compression as well if you plan on a blower or anything. I think the 347 is around 10.5:1 with a 60cc head. Be sweat N/A but too high if you ever plan on boost. You may want to determine what your overall goal with the car is and choose your set up now. Not sure what their 302 base motor are on compression.

    I may call Keith Kraft or someone like them and see what they would charge you for a afr/tfs headed stock block forged piston long block. May be pretty close and be better off in the long run.. I think dss base bullet long block with TFS heads is 4100.00 or just the short block is 1500.00. Just an opinion but you may be able to make more power and have a better built motor for close to the same price.. You'll have to compare them..
  3. I think Ford over rates it a lil bit at 345 hp. Probably more like 300-310.
  4. I have the gt40 crate motor.. I got it used with about 5k miles on it for a pretty decent deal. I dont think i would pay full price for it, i would look for something with a built bottom end.. But the motor does move, my times are in the sig.. Your track heat intake would work perfect with it, since my typhoon is very similar..

    If you do get it, swap some 1.72 RR's in, and it makes for a pretty good combo..

    Anymore questions just ask.
  5. id take a look at D.S.S.-they say theyll build an engine aroung your needs and theyre prices seem fairly resonable if they products are as good as they advertise
  6. If'n it was me...i'd lean towards something like the DSS motor...the longblock is reasonably priced, prolly equal to a GT40 crate motor...i like the fact it has better pistons and is a balanced assy 306 assy...theres plenty of builders, thats for sure...pick you price and go...
    i would prefer a new crate motor versus a rebuild myself....
    Good luck choosing...