347 & 302 Walk Into A Bar..........

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  1. :party:

    They stroll up to the 331:cool: bartender and he says "What'll ya have?"

    347 o_O says "I'll have a 20w-50", and 331 :cool: says "and YOU??"
    302 :rock:says "I'll have what he's having." :cheers:

    So 347 o_O says to 331:cool: bartender, "Who are those two at the end of the bar?" :leghump: :baby:

    331:cool: says "That's the twin intake sisters, Gt40 & Cobra and that's there friend TrickFlow.
    Cobra she's a real snake and TrickFlow, WELL she always comes in here just Suckin' up everything,
    kinda gets annoying if ya ask me."
    302:rock: says "MAN, I sure could use a real TrickFlow right about now!!" :drink:
    Then both 347o_O & 331:cool: snicker and laugh at each other :ferry:

    So 347o_O says to 331:cool: "Who are they at the other end of the bar??" :jaw: :jaw:
    331:cool: says "Oh that's the head sisters Afr and Tfs, they're the best head around." :nice:

    Then 302:rock: says "Whoa, I need me some of that strip head!!" :eek:
    347o_O & 331:cool: look at 302:rock:and say, ....."You Don't Have Enough Rod!!" :jaw: :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    ***Real rod question with 347o_O "Are there still problems with oil control with
    that 5.4 rod or is it just better to use a 5.315 for the DD street application??" :lol:
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  2. They are fine with a 5.4" rod.

  3. Nice story, bra! Very creative.

    There's more to the design than just the length of the rod. I might be in the minority here, but I'm definitely in the 5.315 rod camp. It allows more room to the piston for compression height and the lower amount of dwell time actually helps because it allows the tune to be a little more aggressive. Short rod motors have been very successful in The Engine Masters Challenge competition that hot-rod puts on every year. They're usually pushing those motors to the brink of detonation. I used to believe that l0ng-rod motors made more power, but EMC changed my beliefs.

    However, I think other factors would drive my decision before rod length. I have 5.400" rods in my 331 because I got an outstanding deal on them that I couldn't pass up. They're oliver billet I-beam rods, some of the strongest made. Because I'm using them in a potentially max effort turbo build, CP pistons advised me to keep the stroke down so they could build a piston with lower ring packs and more compression height. With 5.315" rods, I would've built a 347 and had even more room to play with for the piston than a 5.400" rod in my 331.

    Anyway, you're probably going to be perfectly happy going with either rod. It's not a decision worth losing any sleep on. If you can save money, make it easier to find parts, or already have a set of rods, then don't let the rod length difference get in the way.

  4. @FastDriver you're WRONG!

    PHR puts on EMC. LULZ.
  5. Someone has way too much time on their hands...

    For the future please incorporate :roast:
    Haven't seen it used in a while...
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  6. Without elucidation, your argument is weak.
    I would be hesitant to go with any rod that places the piston rod into the ring pack if I was worried about oil use and long term street use. They have supporting pieces for under the rings that are supposed to help. As far as 331 vs 347, might as well get the inches for the $$.
  7. You missed the joke. Read the fine print.
  8. Dammit! and I had a 14 year streak of not being wrong going.:fuss:
  9. but he's right. your argument is weak!

  10. Just causin' sheer havoc up in here!!! :uzi: -------> [email protected] that NEW GUY!!! :ack:
  11. Booya!
  12. I liked the story, dont know chit about rod length differences though.
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  13. It's because I don't use it anymore. "Use it or lose it" dad used to say. He also used to tell me I was gonna go blind and grow hair on my hands, but I never listened to him on that one.
  14. Haha... neither did GroverDill, but you saw from my picture what happened to him.
  15. I guess I did. All I see in fine print is too many abbreviations to understand or Swahili.:( I did like the original story.