Fox 347 Combo Mix Up.

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  1. I tried the test light method, it didn't work. I think I'm going to have to look at the ECM. Car was a 4 cyl car. Previous owner said he put a v8 harness in it. He wasn't sure what the ECM came out of.
  2. check the ecm to see what label it is, that will help identify it
  3. I would go kick that previous owners butt, hacked up 4cylinder to v8 conversion and a mismatched v8 :nono:
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  4. Hmm I think this is the problem. ve3u4etu.jpg
  5. Car I replace the ECM with an automatic car ECM if it's a manual?
  6. Yes, the auto computer can go in a manual.
  7. That's an SD computer.
  8. Wtf?! No wonder it runs like crap! This car is the ultimate nightmare situation. Mismatched parts,shoddy wiring,wrong computer,and god only knows what else. Are you sure it is a 347 and not some crap 302?Sorry op but I have a feeling you got screwed on this purchase! Definetly need to get the computer swapped ASAP! Or sell it and start with a better starting point. I would be so pissed at the PO!
  9. I found another ECM under the passenger seat that is for an auto car. I swapped the computers. I got 24# injectors with the car and my buddy let me borrow before I buy his Trick flow track heat intake. I'm going to install them tomorrow and see if I can find a MAF that's setup for the injectors.
    I'm sure it's a 347. I have all the receipts....
    Hoping to be able to start this thing soon. Lol
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  10. its a speed density computer in a MAF car?
  11. Yep. Not sure why but there was a A9P ECM under the passenger seat lol.

    Few pics
  12. Looks like a race car on 16s nice!
  13. Nice catch Noobz. You are quite adept when sober.
  14. Shhhhh... People might get the idea that I try to administer this forum while NOT under the influence. :nono:
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  15. LOL.. that reminded me of this classic - DR. Johnny Fever.
  16. I just installed the computer, BBK MAF sensor for 24#, 24# injectors! trick flow track heat intake setup and the correct ECM in the car.
    I'm going to see if I can pull codes in a little bit.
  17. Is the yellow hood with black stripes the hood that came with the car?
  18. No just another hood I picked up with some parts. Hoping to paint it.
  19. Well no codes were able to be pulled from the car.
    I started it up. It runs better but still seems like something is wrong.
  20. no codes at all? Not even the check code of 11? Is the Check Engine Light on when you turn the ignition to on?