Fox 347 Combo Mix Up.

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  1. On my 90 stang i dont see no engine light either. Ever. I can see on very dark nights the airbag light blinking but appears that someone painted the lens to hide the dummy lights.
  2. double negative, just saying
  3. Doesn't light up with the key on. No codes at all. No code 11 or 10. Doesn't flash. Tried it with a test light and the same thing.
  4. Finally got the codes out of the car.
    Key on engine off
    I set the timing at 10* but if you give it any gas it back fires thru the manifold. Runs for crap.
  5. Have you verified the balancer hasn't spun? What type of shape are the rubbers in on the balancer? Double checking to be sure you had the spout out when you set the timing?
  6. I had the spout out while timing.
    Balance looks new. I'm not sure if it has spun or not. I'll have to look at it.
  7. Balancer has not spun. It looks good. I'm wondering if maybe when the motor was assembled the timing chain is off a tooth.
  8. That is very possible. If it has a multiple indexing crank gear, I've seen more than one guy get it wrong