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  1. OK, just got a 347 motor to put in my 95' GT. Scat crank, eagle H beam rods, keith black flat top pistons, comp cam 530 lift, roller rockers, edelbrock highly ported heads and cobra intake. I also have a powerdyne supercharger. Couple of questions. Should I use the SC with this motor? Is the cobra intake going to "choke" it? If so, what should I use? The compression is going to be about 10:1.
    Also just had the T-5 rebuilt. What gears would be recommended as well?
    I have a pro mas 92 maf with 60 lb injectors as well. Probably too much if I do not use the SC. Any suggestions would be appreciated! View attachment 132006
  2. search...this combo has been done for many moons
  3. Thanks for the help!...NOT
  4. Yeah, I think you will be ok for low boost. It really depends on the cam more than anything. If you have too much overlap on the cam it probably won't run so well. Do you have any more info on the cam? Gear is more of a personal preference thing, but I wouldn't go any higher than 3.73:1 with the supercharger. You can run the T-5, but even if it's been rebuilt I wouldn't get too upset if it broke.

  5. It's a Comp Cams with around a 530 lift, that's all I know.
  6. Even if you knew the cam card, I probably wouldn't have enough experience to tell you if it will work right. I might have a rough idea, but not for sure. I know you could make it work with the supercharger if you had the right cam.

  7. Holley Systemax intake would be a better choice over the Cobra. Having the right cam in these cars is very important. Most of us went with a custom cam with a 114 lobe so we wouldn't have idle issues, etc. A little boost shouldn't hurt it with matching fuel upgrades (pump, injectors, etc.) and ignition upgrades (coil, plugs, wires, box).
  8. The OP's car will be tuned by a very competent tuner so lobe separation is a non issue. I'll be doing all the work on the car and I think we have the fuel system figured out.

    T5 won't last long behind a 500hp monster!
  9. I was gonna say. Better be prepared to rebuild it again, and again, and again...
  10. Nah, I'll have him talked into a T56 swap later on!! lol
  11. I don't think there would be that much of a gain going to a Systemax 2 with those heads.

  12. Looks like I may be taking the 347 off the OP's hands. My S trim and that motor will really enjoy each other's company!