347 in and running

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  1. Well, I worked all night on it tonight and finished up the rest of the BS needing to be done. Pretty much started up first shot, but you gotta hold the gas to keep it running. I didn't set my timing yet but i'm pretty sure the reason it won't hold an idle yet is because the timing is too low. Gonna mess with that tomorrow. While it ran it was just way too loud to be messing with at 12am so I called it quits. The shortblock was built by Rick 91GT @ www.rnhperformance.net and I assembled the rest along with the clutch, aluminum flywheel and tremec. The shortblock consists of a scat 9000 cast steel crankshaft, probe ultra light 4340 forged I beam rods and probe srs forged slugs. Other misc stuff including a fidenza aluminum flywheel, romac light weight balancer, FMS HD blue printed pressure plate modified by promotion and a mcleod dual friction clutch disk. Clutch is pretty soft and definatly softer than the king cobra I had.

    Once I get it running good and work the bugs out it should be a strong runner. I'm pretty happy knowing I did it all myself and put a LOT of hard work into it. Had a few of my boys help me too and w/o them I don't think some things could have been done alone. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

  2. Damn this thing is going to be an animal, are the heads worked?
  3. WTG Mike! I may be headed in a similar direction very soon!
  4. Nope, no porting done to the heads. That would have added another $800+ (done right with valve job) to the prroject which I couldn't swing. Heads are 55.6cc and have ps 3 springs from fti. The cam calls for 140-145lbs on the seat which is 20lbs more than my 302 fti cam :eek:

    Paul, what kinda combo are you looking at?

    Heres a link to all my pics during the project: http://community.webshots.com/album/298792294HlMXLF
  5. Awesome Mike, Congrats!
  6. Glad to see it's done, especially since Ive been following you on this since we were discussing my combo like yours.

    When I first looked at that pic, I thought something was messed up....Then I realized that you have a Fox, and just post in the other forum. Im sure you will keep us posted on the "TUNE TIME"

  7. Awesome, glad to see it is all up and running....I think you'll be pretty happy.

    Sounds like a timing issue, that cam is pretty healthy it may not like a cold start but when it gets warm it should be fine. Do you have the PMS on it? I think you'll like about 34 degrees total timing with that combo.

    I just sent another 331 V2-Strim car away last night, man it runs great. I love seeing the smiles on guys faces when they pick them up.

    Machine shop is holding me up on a 347 that I was supposed to ship before I left for Aruba...really sucks.
  8. Hey Rick, out of curiousity, how long does it usually take you to turn out a motor?
  9. Depends on the arrival of parts, I stock a few things but do not have everything on the shelf. Machine work only is 3+ weeks, I tell guys 6 weeks to be safe from the arrival or parts.
  10. I found out why it wouldn't hold an idle. As suspected, the timing way WAY too low. I had to stab the distributer in a new spot to get more rotation out of it. Im letting the battery charge since the car won't start now (cranks slow) from starting it up so many times. I guess thats why it only showed 2" of vacuum at idle b/c the timing was way low ;)
  11. Congrats on getting the pig to run.

    Is it idling fine now? Have you driven it? What's the low-end like with that cam? Let us know all that...

    If it does idle by itself, what's it sound like? :D

    Glad to see you got it all back together, so I wouldn't have to come up there and help. :D

  12. The batterys dying from all the starting up and stalling. I'm letting it charge for a while. Its hard doing this by myself b/c as soon as I get it running I go under the hood to do the timing and it stalls. I need a 2nd person to keep it running while I set the timing. Wanna guess how many times the 4 letter F word came out of my mouth? ;)
  13. Stupid goddamn piece of ****ing **** car! Drive that ****ing thing into the ****ing river!

    OK, back to the beach...I'm spending too much time on the internet on my vacation. :D

    I'll be anxious to check up on the progress in a few days.

  14. awesome man, congrats on getting the mofo run!
  15. :nice: :nice: :nice: :nice:

    Good to hear it. I'll probally have a similar combo, 347 w/ TFS heads and /FTI cam. I have decided to sell the 306 most likley. What compression are you running?

    Can't wait to hear what it runs and what the dyno says about it. I know there isn't a track near where you are, but maby you'll wander out to one anyways.
  16. I finally got it to idle. I took it for a quick spin too.

    Anyway, I have 2 issues. The first one is when i'm under the hood giving it gas and holding the rev's I can hear a pop though the intake/maf (ihave an open element filter) I'm wondering if its a lean issue or if its a tight rocker?

    Second issue is I only have 2-3" of vacuum at idle. I dunno if its a vacuum leak or some other issue.

    I'm gonna have to hook up my wideband maybe tonight and see.
  17. Your on the right track, rockers are tricky at times, I usally end up at 1/2 turn.

    2-3" means you have a vac leak somewhere, that is way to low even for that cam. Was that reading at 700-900rpm, idle?

    Since I do it by myself also I screw the idle screrw open so it idles high, I also turn the dist so the timing is high, then you can bring it down which is easier.

  18. Just about 10.9:1
  19. Hey Rick:

    Do you do COMPLETE assemblies??

    Im looking for a complete built motor minus the accessories ( RPM 2, AFR 185's, custom cam, oil pan, tube, flex plate, balancer, etc.)

  20. 10.9:1, that's pretty sweet.