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  1. Congrats on the install. :cheers:
    New motors tend to run a littel hotter when breaking them in in my experiences. Not to worry.
  2. Its running pretty safe now. Good thing for my wideband and PMS, w/o them i'd be a lost soul. The a/f is just a tad rich, fixing it won't be hard at all, just gotta find time and hope the weather coorporates. I'm gonna try and post a pic of my datalogged a/f graph, but computers aren't my strong point so I don't know how to do it :rolleyes:

    I'm gonna pick up new spark plugs for it too.

    I believe its a combination of the increased compression, more power and hot/humid temps making it run a little hotter. With the fans on while driving, it doesn't really go past 190*.
  3. Sounds like fun little street terror. :nice:

    Congrats Rickki!

  4. How hard is it to install one of those, and how much do they run?

    If I get a new combo, I may get one, so that I can tune it myself. (already have a TwEECer.)
  5. You'd need to drill a hole in your header collector if you run longtubes or in your mid pipe if you run shortys and have the bung welded in. Then with my kit, its all basically plug and play. The only wires I need to run are for my rpm converter. The rpm converter is helpful for datalogging. When you upload your datalog onto your pc, it will display the a/f with rpm so you know where exactly you need to make changes. You don't need it just to see your a/f on the wideband screen, its only useful for datalogging.
  6. nice

    congrats on the new setup...

    I'm just doing all the tweeking now to my new 331 with my new TwEECer RT.... lots to learn... but its so fun!!
  7. Mike, what does a wideband cost, and where do you get it?

  8. What are the cam specs?

  9. :nice: Nice. I'm glad to hear you had no major issues. That things gonna be a beast. You have 4 lug or five ??? Got slicks for that thing yet ?
  10. I got mine from N8miller on here. He was selling them cheap/discounted through his old job. Widebands will cost anywhere from $250-$500 depending on options. I believe you can datalog widebands with your tweecer r/t, so I think you can just buy a cheap one and be fine. You can get a basic PLX kit for $250.

    Sorry, i paid too much for this custom cam to be posting my specs for the whole world to see on the internet.

    Ninja, I have 4 lug with stock axles, no slicks. Plus we don't have a track anymore. Though i've heard their thinking of building something out east in yaphank.
  11. nice motor grn
    you have a pm

  12. Where in S. Fl are you from?

    Mike, Just to let others know, you are NOT being a $#$*@ about not giving your specs. It is not "usual" to just give out specs on custom grinds, especially on the internet or to people you dont really know.

  13. Specs of the cam in my SS were: 231/237 .598/.595 112
    That wasn't so hard, was it?

    Only 2 reasons I know for hiding specs:

    1) Cam (and entire engine) will be used for money races.

    2) I know many shops like to keep their proprietary specs hush hush (but it doesn't hurt to ask).

    If the specs are private, I respect that.

    I'm from Miami. New to this board, but very interested in learning SBF specs for my build-up.

  14. WE gotta hook up sometime...there are a few of us from Hialeah/Pines/Miramar/Boca...etc.

  15. PM'd ya.
  16. Been off the site for a while Mike, sweet to hear you got it up and running and are working the bugs out of it. How is everything now? Mine is down at the moment and undergoing a change. I just shipped out my entire tremec setup and am having a C4 built for the car.
  17. Whats up Mike. I worked out a few bugs and the cars running very well. With out my PMS and wideband, my car would be junk. Those 2 things help a ton! I'm hoping to get some track times once it cools down.

    You should see nice ET improvements with that c4. I guess your making it more of a race car than a street car? Good luck!
  18. Yeah, I would like to make a 10 second pass on the drag radials. Other than driving it trying to break parts I saw no way to do that with the 3550. As far as the race/street car goes, the car will still be %95 street driven. I will be doing the 2.75:1 wide ratio gear set and going to a 3:08 rear end gear. The wife may even be able to drive the car :p

  19. The gear will really help, sounds like a lot of fun on the street.
  20. While doing the rear gear swap, maybe..................i'll finally get those RNH torque box supports in :nonono: :rlaugh: How's married life Rick, though you two have been together along time anyway. How was the honeymoon?
    Mike Putnam.