Forced Induction 347 Looking For Boost/nos

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  1. I've got a factory block 347 from Ford strokers with 185 tf heads, custom comp cam, forged internals running 10.5-1 compression. I'm looking for some more power but don't want to kill the block immediately. I also live in the Bahamas with no proper dyno. So I'm wondering weather I can put the small vortech kit from latemodelrestoration or should I put a small shot of nos? I don't believe in nos really but considering it as an option. Any suggestions or info from similar builds?
  2. Is nitrous readily available there?
  3. Good question. If it's available that is the direction I'd go. With 10.5:1cr boost will be very limited(stock block also). Remember pushing 500+ hp through these blocks gets questionable very quickly. Some do it and they last. Others not so much
  4. Well, they say boost gets you laid. Never heard that about nitrous.

    Secondly, dynos aren't needed for a proper tune, having the right parts and skilled tuner of choice is. But in this case, a 10:5:1 CR is not ideal for boost.
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  5. depends on whether you like being sucked or blown:lol:
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  6. If your setup is done right with a good intake, the right meter, injectors and cam, you really don't have much room to grow in a stock block.
    If it's not, optimize those parts and just leave it.
  7. So is there anyway besides nitrous to get a few more ponies? I've heard about the meth kits from snow performance etc. But would they even benefit a n/a car? Nos is hard to get in the Bahamas this is why I'm sort of against it.
  8. While boost is always an option, the tuning window with that much compression and especially on a stock block is sooooo small. It can be done, I've done it. Expect absolutely zero longevity with the motor and understand you are driving around a potential grenade lol. Not in the fact that it will explode but that it can go to scrap in a hurry. Your hot climate and high humidity is also terrible for trying to tune a combo like this.
  9. A few lbs from a PD blower, something easy to tune with like a PMS, a GOOD afr meter, meth injection and a steady supply of wind shield wiper fluid, will make that thing a beast.

    How long it last will depend on two things really:

    How well you've tuned it
    How often and how hard you beat on it

    You will likely kill the tranny before the block if you tune it decently and the bottom end grunt will make it feel like a brand new ride.