347 N/a Or 306 Super Charged??

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347 Stroker w/ High Compression or 306 Super Charged??

  1. 347 Stroker H/C

  2. 306 S/C

  1. So the question has been around since power adders were introduced to the market. From pro's and con's of each and with a 450hp cap on a stock block.
    Which one would you choose and why, 347 High Compression Stroker or 306 sc??
  2. Um.... Axle-backs and you'll run twelves. :sleep: Oh wait, what? A different kind of question?!? :trip:
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  3. I'll take turbo for $200 please
  4. :lol:

    I know I know, I'm debating on the next up grade in the future but I'm leaning towards a 347 and slap my milled/ported p-heads on until better heads are in the budget.
  5. The hot rodder in me want's to say 347 stroker, because....hey, who doesn't like a choppy idle and the ability to say "yeah, I'm running a stroker", but the realist in me says the blown 306 is the better set up. The 306 will last longer, run smoother and be better on fuel than the 347, all while making as much or more power/torque.

    Your GT40's will also perform better with forced induction motivation them than they will N/A.
  6. i built a stroker and i love it,but looking back,a supercharger would have been just as good.....and now im building my car up to support a supercharger now anyway because its a simple bolt on,cant resist!....started off being a simple re build!!
  7. Well said, I'm eyeballin' the power adder now o_O
  8. Who doesn't want a 347. One thing I do know from experience though?

    A little 302 with Power adder sure are fun!
  9. Scrap the whole 306 idea. 302 stock junk yard short block and a Vortech Supercharger!! Close the thread, we just made 450 rwhp. lol
  10. Remind everyone (including me) which JY 302s had forged pistons.
  11. 87-92 Mustang 5.0 has forged pistons for sure. I don't know about other years or the explorer motors but honestly it really doesn't matter. We have built many of 10 second cars and made north or 500rwhp with decent longevity (almost all end in a split block and not piston failure) as long as they have a decent tune up in them. In the big scheme of things, it's almost effortless to make this kind of hp with a junk yard short block, decent aluminum heads and any power adder so long as you have the other supporting parts to go with it. ie Fuel system, Suspension, Driving skills/Automatic trans ;) etc etc etc. I'm sure someone will want to debate the forged vs hyperutectic pistons but be are talking about junk yard parts slapped together not a purpose built engine with specific parts. Would I spec out anything other than forged pistons for my "race" motor, never. I have and will continue to use junk yard motors to propel these cars to 10 second land with whatever pistons!
  12. ^Said from a wise man!
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  13. Decent longevity is a relative term when talking about a Streeter that goes from driveway to store to work then home in all kinds of relative heat soak and coditions. Hehe
  14. I've had junker motors last years, our current junk yard motor is on its 3rd car lol.
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  15. Im gonna be the odd ball and say do a 331 stroker. You can have the whole bragging right thing with a stroker and all and have decent power and longevity on the street.
  16. I wouldn't hesitate at all to run boost with hyperutectic pistons. Mod motors ran far less robust pistons than the 5.0L for years and survived fine under moderate amounts of boost.
  17. LOL... I concede.

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  18. I have been sitting on the idea of my own high compression stroker, with the very pistons that you mention. Been a project that I've wanted to do for a very long time.
  19. Spill the beans...details!