347 N/a Or 306 Super Charged??

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347 Stroker w/ High Compression or 306 Super Charged??

  1. 347 Stroker H/C

  2. 306 S/C

  1. I've been going back and forth with the same idea. Somedays I want to supercharger then I want a stroker. My h/c/i just isn't enough. Right now I'm leaning supercharger as I'm at high altitude and fear a 347 still won't give me enough. Then I can't decide between a s trim or a novi2000. Lol.
  2. No real beans to spill. I've always wanted to do a high HP, stock block, solid lifter project. As much of an N/A beast as I could manage inside of a plain ole' stock casting.
  3. I went from 302 supercharged to 347 stroker.

    In supercharged form the car was so finicky. Different temps / humidity in Florida caused the car to run like a rocket or get bogged down. The boost was never the same number due to weather. My Vortech was a V-1 so the whine at idle gave me goose bumps. I had the 16" ponies on the car with drag radials out back. The sleeper look outside made it fun.

    With the stroker the torque was so much more usable everyday. It made a little more TQ than the blower but you could really feel it.

    Stock 302 Block- GT40X heads, Crower Cam, Edelbrock RPM intake, 70MM TB, 80MM MAF, 42lb Injectors, Long Tubes, 2.5" full exhaust, Vortech S-Trim 12psi and more.



    347 Stroker- AFR 185 Heads, Comp Custom Grind Cam, Holley Systemax Intake ported, 70MM TB, 30lb Injectors, Pro-M 80MM MAF, MAC 1-3/4" Long Tubes Ceramic w/ 3" Collector, MAC 3" Prochamber, MAC 3" Cat Back, P.M.S.


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  4. nice...you had best of both worlds.....did you take them both to the track?....was was the time difference between the too?
  5. Vortech has owned Paxton for quite a few years now. The Si is comparable to the Novi2000 but the Paxton unit has the edge performance wise in my opinion. The Si is easier on the wallet and is also self contained making the install easier. Each unit has its own benefits!
  6. Thats great info there :nice:
  7. Really great info there also :flag:
  8. How about a supercharged 347?:shrug: Make it 9.0:1 compression and then run about 9psi of boost. The best of both worlds on pump gas.
  9. Don't be a wuss... No one just runs 9 pounds of boost. Isn't that why they make a renegade crank pulley? Lol
  10. Well it's the whole pump gas theory . The key to all of this is keep the rpm's less than 6k and keep the boost at 9 psi or less. Much easier said than done tho, once we get a taste of the forbidden fruit called Horsepower, then it is only a matter of time before that 347 V-8 becomes two 2.8L 4 cyl engines lol.
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  11. Stock 302 world senior heads(bogus) f303 cam (bogus) edelbrock performer intake (bogus) unequal shorties, 2.5" exhaust and a s trim made 475 rwhp on a 95 degree day. Made 12 psi at 6,000 rpm. Saw as high as 17-18 psi on the street in cool weather, 50-60 degree's and ran awesome. Probably had roughly $4k in the whole setup. Doubt you can build a 347 that makes similar power for the same kind of money. Also putting a nice assembly in a junk block makes 0 sense.
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  12. Yeah definitely I'm leaning towards the novi!
  13. If you plan on sticking with the stock block, the Novi 2000 is probably more blower than you'll ever need. I'd go with whichever one (Novi 2000 or V3 Vortech) you could get a better deal on. Both will make enough power to scatter the stock block.
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  14. Which one is the quietest, Novi 2000 or V3??
  15. The v3 is definitely more quiet than the Novi. The Novi kids are definitely more money as well. @jchav02 if you ever needed a good deal on a blower kit let me know. We are top tier dealers for Vortech/Paxton and I'll bet you won't find a better price anywhere! superchargerwholesale.com
  16. The Novi is a great choice! I'm currently running a Novi 1000 on my red vert. I got a great deal on it used and it's my first experience with a Paxton. I have it pulleyed making 12psi, and oh what fun it is on my HCI stock block 302.
    The little 1000 is so quiet at idle it's practically unnoticeable.
    I really like it!
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  17. All this talk of superchargers, HP, and TQ is really getting me fired up. I want to make more power so bad I can taste it. But, the sensible side of me is trying to get all the other stuff done first, suspension, brakes, etc. :dammit:

    Oh well, guess I'll just keep reading and dreaming for now. :)
  18. i went through this before i did my engine,thought a stroker would be good enough,it really is but,now im going backwards and after having to upgrade tranny,and other things to support a sc that i now want to add.....it will be ready for one after this summer,im looking at a 1220 si though.....would i order straight from the site you listed or through you?....a few bucks is a few bucks...thanks
  19. I have had both, and id pick the stroker. Easier to keep cool on the street, simpler, less things to go wrong, but im kind of minimalistic in that sense. FWIW, my blower motor made more power, 440 rwhp, and my 345" motor made 390 rwhp. The blower motor went 12.2 at 115mph, the 345" motor went 11.3 at 120mph on the first pass out, with about 100 lbs removed from the car. The MPH tells the real story about which one had more potential.

    I will say though, the blower motor was much more violent on the street, which made it a ton of fun, possibly even more fun that the 345" motor
  20. Boost, the answer is always boost.
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