347 N/a Or 306 Super Charged??

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347 Stroker w/ High Compression or 306 Super Charged??

  1. 347 Stroker H/C

  2. 306 S/C

  1. Would a custom can be best, sure but is also the most costly option. The TFS has always worked good in these type of situations and has yet to leave anyone I know dissapointed in the search for more power. I go back and forth on the custom cam at this level. If it were a power adder situation I would say custom cam all the way but I wonder how custom these custom cams are. I think I'll start a thread asking for more info on people with custom cams hoping I can satisfy my curiosity.
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  2. Some of us have ots cams and are lucky and have good drive manners without surging or bucking :D
  3. Used a f cam with a s trim and it worked fine.
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  4. UPS finally shipped my Dart short block 347 stroker. Yesterday, I installed F303 cam and then attempted to bolt on Trick Flow heads. Unfortunately, when I couldn't torque 302 ARP head bolts that Summit sent me, I telephoned Summit. Their rep told me I'd better use the proper 351 head bolts for the Dart. They'll arrive Tuesday.
  5. i do plan to have tmoss port the 'gt40' lower... originally he was going to do it for the 11r with the understanding it would be fun street/ strip for why not see...

    so ill get the full front runner treatment etc...if i go 170...

    everyone loves the tfs1 that i ask so i may just go that route.. does anyone have buddy rawls number?

    i get the tf 170 vs gt40... but what power/ street old geezer behaviors are we looking at... ( ignore the 4-500 cost difference as im not as worried about that)

    for me its all about stronger pull and go while being able to sit in traffic around all grocery getters and a ton of new(er) performance cars and sedans..

    understand the LT - ill have to see how low they hang. maybe get a pan protector or something? already have MM subframes on the list...
  6. I agree 100%, your Dart block should take 1/2" bolts or studs, use em!
  7. Regarding head gaskets, what's considered too thick for S/C, is there a too thin(risky) or big(risky) in S/C applications?? I have no experience in this, is it also different for iron heads v.s aluminum??
  8. Use a MLS gasket, they have proven to be almost bullet proof.
  9. While it's true that a new OTS cam is only about $50 cheaper than a custom, there's one thing that OTS cams have that custom ones will never have....and that's a used market. A used TFS 1 cam can be had for as little as $100-$150. That makes it $200-$250 cheaper than a custom grind and well worth the money.

    I kinda chuckle the way people get so worked up over "custom cams" The performance at that level is minuscule. So much so, that considering the plethora of various OTS grinds out there, you'd be hard pressed to find a custom grind that really makes any notable difference in either power or drivability. And any small differences made are usually only realized as a handful of ponies on a dyno graph.

    These stories you hear about guys claiming they picked up 20hp and vastly improved drivability by going with a custom grind over their previous OTS cam have only done so because of one reason and one reason only.....they were reckless in their initial OTS selection (probably grabbed a B-Cam because they got it cheap at a swap meet) and picked the wrong cam to begin with.

    OTS grinds are that for a reason....because they're a proven match for a vast majority of combinations and driving situations. There are only 360-degree's in a circle and only so many ways a camshaft can be ground. How much better exactly at these power levels can you realistically expect that custom cam to be? I see guys at the track running unremarkable combinations, with off the shelf parts kicking ass and taking names all of the time. Don't get sucked in to the custom cam craze. Save the custom grinds for high dollar builds, where they were intended.
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  10. what im seeing out of box on 85ttop's thread is duration and lsa on all are relatively similar and most have big lift, but bigger builds as well. i quickly cross referenced the tfs cams and they fall in line except again in lift, which leads to cut pistons etc, and i do recognize that lift is not the only consideration in ptv...
    so tfs 1 the new fun for all cam will be my selection
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  11. 85ttop, thats gotta be a jab
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  12. Just run 9333-1 gaskets with studs, no need for anything fancy.

  13. I am pretty sure this is the very first time I have agreed with you.

    TFS stg 1 or f303 would be what I would suggest for a build like this. When I get them in parts cars I am happy to get $100 for them. Sell your cobra intake and put the money from that and the camshaft price difference into a intake that isn't going to hold you back.
  14. Also valve overlap is a major ingredient in boost applications.
  15. booo i want my cobra intake... but its under the hood so drivers seat is more inportant..

    what intake then, i prefer street low end power and tq to 6000 rpm 1320...
  16. Pretty much any mild intake besides that one will work and not be holding it back. A performer or tfs intake would work fine.
  17. if you meant me... i was referring to the custom cam curiosity thread 84ttop opened mostly what i saw were big builds with big cams... and even they have similar event timing to most common of ots base builds... so custom appears to becomes a power, purpose, type of thing... as gearbanger and bentley said...
    ill never see a 1/10th improvement need for my fun street car... and personally anyone who can drive 1500 hp. to tacobell with the type of manners 84ttop's green car has , has it pretty darn figured out.....
  18. ok i hate that tfs intake....nothing personal to anyone... but if thats what i gotta do, then so be it... wish the box r fit better under hood and ran lower rpm range peaks...
  19. Nitrous anyone?

  20. You don't have to use that one for sure or anything. The performer or performer rpm would work and show up used all the time.