347 N/a Or 306 Super Charged??

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347 Stroker w/ High Compression or 306 Super Charged??

  1. 347 Stroker H/C

  2. 306 S/C

  1. I figured you were bustin on him by calling him 85Ttop ;)
  2. just cant type worth cr*p lol
  3. Ya but I was actually thinking the original one. Look for a used intake no need for a new one. Just make sure there are no broken tabs or cracks and your good. Should be able to find one for about $300ish
  4. thanks!! i can definitely do that!
  5. Nice....it only took you half a decade to come around. :nice:
  6. Thanks! I give credit on the cam design to my buddy Brian (Aka Freezy). He picked the lobe profiles and spec'd everything out for it. He is super meticulous and as far as I'm concerned picked a winner!
  7. Personally i see no real need for anything but a stock camshaft(in a stock shortblock) if you are going to use boost. You can reach levels of power that will crack the block with a retarded stock cam, so spend the money on something else.
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  8. Is that the performer 5.0?
  9. this idle to 5500 rpm 24582-edelbrock-manifold-8695.jpg
  10. I fell behind in this thread and didn't read the whole thing from where I left off (I will as time permits). I saw GT40 still be slung around out there.

    To me, the GT40 is great if I'm trying to do a motor that is ALL Ford, or a free set dropped into my lap. Barring those two conditions, I think available funds would go to better parts.

    It is not to say that this is the only way, ( It would be dumb to think that I knew more than the accumulation of experience in this forum)... This is just the path that I chose and I've very pleased that I did.
  11. ^^^ Thanks Noobz my conundrum is i only want 300 or so hp... just enough to outrun our mini S lol, was planning NA tw 190 11r 58cc, mild cam like comp 270/4, fully ported cobra intake by tmoss (yes he said it would work for my purpose ) and supporting....about 350+hp
    decided i wanted to go SC after the 50th, so paxton novi 1220 (can upgrade/pulley more later, that darn cobra intake and gt40 / stock heads... - thats about 275 - 300 hp, if i go tw it would be 170s and a better intake...and upwards of high 400-500hp....

    decision, decisions... so baby steps is my current plan can always add tw170 as folks migrate to 11r and prices fall on 170s...

    one thing for sure, its this spring, hope the waters warm :)
  12. Holy Crap!!! Got a verbal agreement with the Dart 363 block :D

  13. Awesome. Now if we can only get you to forgo the Cobra intake for something that actually breaths, you might actually end up with a fast car. ;)
  14. Lmao!!! picking it up Thursday!!!
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  15. sell the tubular buy an upgrade with it ..... how often you looking at that intake vs being beaten by forzalifes civic due parts combo :shrug:
  16. The Cobra is cast and has been ported more than a tubular could:p
  17. Ported cobra is still not up to the job. I know you're dead set on using it but IMO a dart is a huge waste of money if you're not going to put the right parts on it. I know you're not building a race car, but if you're looking for 350-400 hp then again, dart is a big waste. If you're looking for more than that an HCI swap is in order. Simple as that. A ported cobra is still a joke on a car trying to make any decent power. Your car, your money but you posted on a forum and then argue the advice
  18. Couldn't agree more. Pissing money away using that Cobra intake (even ported) on that bottom end. Pick a better intake, or a lesser bottom end. You make 302 power, running 302 parts.

    I'm gonna say it now since you're dead set on running it no matter what you're told, so I can bring this post up again later....You'll be saaaaawwwryyyy. :)
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  19. i really like the gt40 also,i regretfully had to let it go also with my set up...