347 N/a Or 306 Super Charged??

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347 Stroker w/ High Compression or 306 Super Charged??

  1. 347 Stroker H/C

  2. 306 S/C

  1. They're a nice looking intake, but they just don't move enough air to be serious performers....even ported, they just physically don't have the material available to remove. My stock Track Heat makes even the most heavily ported Cobra or GT40 intake look silly by comparison.
  2. yup,i agree....and yes they are nice looking intakes, i always look twice if i see one under a hood,took me a while to let it go,but i got over it...
  3. If I ever change the intake it would have to be appealing to my eye, so there are only 4 ones of now that I physically like, cobra, gt40 tubular, saleen and the tfs r last. Yes I can always upgrade the intrake to a top end pleaser at some point and time. But a dyno n/a with the cobra is going to happen. But to see the numbers in that form will be different, I get it. But if I ever need more I can slap on a S/C and still be extremely happy cause the Dart 363 can hold that S/C in whatever appearance form I want to give it. But lastly, the intake is probably the most easily accessible variable, so I can always change it pretty fast ;)
  4. ya....could do that,thats exactly what i said...lol....then i bought a rpm2....i wrinkle painted it black to save a few bucks,and i think it looks good,for the look i was going for....and i know i didnt leave any hp behind....but your right,very easy to change after i guess....

  5. Hey now, that looks pretty good, hmmmmm I may need a shelf for all my intake swaps.....lol
  6. ^^now you got it, i plan on selling my cobra .... you could get a RPM or similar one like that paint it your car color and sell the cobra and 5.0 stuff and do the swap allot cheaper...
  7. Trust me i would have put a Systemax II on my stroker if i didnt have the powdercoating already on my Cobra intake which matches my valvecovers but in the end im glad i kept my cobra. On a stingy mustang dyno my unported cobra made 364 rwhp 385 rwt corrected without correction actual numbers were 382rwhp 402rwt. And in all the intake shootouts on aggressive 347 stroker motor the GT40 which flows identical to the Cobra did make 20 less hp on top than the Holley and TFS R the TFS R made 20 less torque so really its what your after a little more hp but spinning your motor over 6000rpms to get it or more Torque hmm.
  8. ya, its traffic tq you dont want to lose... zoom zoom bye...