347 On E85

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  1. I am building a 347 for my car and wonder if anybody here has done an E85 conversion, my motor has a full forged bottom with 10.25 to 1 compression ratio, afr 205s, edelbrock upper and lower, v3 with just 12lbs boost, and methanol injection. The car is an automatic with a built aode and FTI billet 3000 stall. Is only sees about 500 miles a year, but I want to get away from needing the meth injection to keep it alive. It was tuned on the prior motor with a SCT chip and lived till it through a belt and pushed the balancers outer ring. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Ya, but what block?? Stock block??
  3. Yes for now, boss block is coming soon and will tear down and move all parts over, jsut cant get crazy till new block. The engine only sees 5500 for now, once boss block goes in then get a little crazy with tune and boost levels. But for now need to know if 65 lb injectors are enough to run E85, horse power is set at 550 range at this time to the ground. Block is not factory roller but 1970 casting converted to roller and .015 oring with SCE copper gaskets
  4. Trade the boss block for a Dart block, then build it up
  5. So what is the question? Just about tuning for E85?

    You'll need about 30% more fuel than a comparable gas engine. In your case, a single 255lph in tank pump may not be enough and I suspect you'll be getting close to the limits of your 65lb injectors too. All of which doesn't matter if the bottom end can't handle the power as mentioned above.

    I don't see 10.25:1 being a problem at 12psi on E85. I ran 10.5: CR with 18-20psi of boost on my 2.3L (E85 too). Just don't get crazy with the timing, because that combination won't need much.
  6. Sorry new to this
  7. I am already using dual 255s, but only want to use E85 just to stop the need for methanol injection, not really looking for more performance. Thank you for the help.
  8. Why ditch the meth? It's a hell of a lot cheaper than any fuel, including E85, and is much safer (lower IAT's, cylinder temp, etc.)
  9. It is one more system that can fail, E85 is about 40 cents a gallon here and is next door to my office. I am just trying to simplify my car, I only drive it about 500 miles a year,
  10. Ahh gottcha
  11. I meant 40 cents a gallon cheaper. But I still only drive so few miles that it would not matter