347 Stroker Kit

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  1. I'm getting ready to lay a 302 in my 64 1/2 and after I get it in I'm thinking about a 347 stroker kit is it worth it?
  2. that depends on what you want from the engine. are you looking for a lot of power? where do you want the power band to fall? street motor, street/strip, race?

    the other question you need to answer is are you needing a complete rebuild, or are you just wanting one because? in other words is this a motor that you can get away with just freshening up the engine, and perhaps adding a cam, or is it in need of a complete rebuild anyway?
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  3. I bought a car with a 347 and it seems very powerful ... now if I can just drive it someday lol!
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  4. I'm looking for just a regular daily driver so street motor. And the engine is in great condition.
  5. if your current engine is in great condition, then no a 347 stroker kit is not worth the money. if oyu want a bit more power, then drop on a set of windsor jr heads, a performer rpm intake and 600cfm carb, and tri-y headers. also consider a set of 1.7 roller rocker arms. this is all bolt on stuff that can net you another 50-60hp easily, and will make a difference in how the engine feels, and would cost less overall than a stroker kit if you shop wisely.
  6. How much money are we talking?
  7. that depends on how well you shop. you can be in the bolt on stuff for under $2000, where as the stroker kits start at $1600, and then you have the machine work and labor, and extra down time. the bolt on stuff you can do over a weekend.

    as for the cost, start here;


    these are sold individually, so $850 for the heads, then;


    so now you have the heads, valves, rockers, retainers, keepers, and springs, total roughly $1200 for all new parts. you still have about $800 for intake, carb, headers, exhaust, and sundry items.
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