$$347 stroker

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  1. I have the trick flow track heat engine kit here and i plan on building a 347 stroker but im running out of cash quick...so my question is whats the cheapest i can get away with for the motor but doing it right....im going to order all the trick flow things for it i can, like pistons, fuel rails ect... so if you have time plz list everything i would need to complete this motor and cost! and im hopeing to reach the 600HP mark with this motor, a 150 shot of nos, and a vortec s-trim supercharger!
  2. 600hp = crack goes the block

    cheaper and STRONGER route

    351W is cheaper and stronger than stroked 347.
    you will have to buy new trickflow intake, though all your accessories and
    motor mounts and trans will bolt up fine.

    I bought a stock/plus short block with...........
    correct flywheel, correct balancer, .03over, Forged pistons @ 10:1
    ARP bolts, stock crank, stock rods, oil pump, CompCams XFI stroker cam
    timing chain.

    all that installed and balanced for $2,500

    put an s/c or nitrous on that and run 600hp safely
  3. well i wont be using my stock block im going to be buying a high performance one...that should hold up to the hp right
  4. a cheap 347 kit will use pretty much a stock block. So unless your using a dart or equivelent, ur risking it. But its up to you man, there are people that do it and swear by it, but sooner or later it will bite ya. Sounds like a mean ride though.

  5. so your saying its better to use a stock block? or it will be fine if i use a good hi performance block?
  6. Save money and a power adder and just go with a 351 based stroker. Don't forget you are gonna need stronger axle, transmission and etc to go along with 600 hp.
  7. No haha not at all. Im saying that for 600 hp to use a dart or equivelent. I was just saying that some people risk using stock block. Sorry for confusing you
  8. I am doing the same engine combo you are doing. With the 347stroker and a procharger. Ive done a lot of research on this and everyone is right. The stock block is to weak for that power. Go with the ford racing boss302 block. It just came out in july and it can handle up to 1200hp. The R block is for drag racing and the boss block is for street racing. It has coolant passages which is more geared to the street. Hope this helps. Good luck
  9. summits 347 kit always seems like a good way to go. i would ask summit if they could supplement pistons to handle trickflow heads. if you go conservative with boost a stock block should be good to 500 horses. i wouldnt go over that. the 351 idea isnt necessarily a bad one but it isnt a direct swap. plus u need to use specific 351 parts. i think a trickflow 347 and a strim should be PLENTY of power.