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  1. what the good usable power band on a 347, anyone know?
  2. no sure exactly what you are asking but traditionally the strokers make a good deal of low rpm torque and horsepower but don't dissapoint up high either. Generally, you would rev the 347 less than a 306 just because you lengthened the stroke and the piston travels farther for eath revolution. Meaning you have increased piston speed per revolution that a 302. However, I have seen 347 built to shift at 7,000 rpm. If you are asking because you are buying a cam or intake and are trying to choose the right powerband, remeber that a 347 requires more air than a 302 so it sorta shifts the powerband down a 1000 or so. I made that mistake and bought a trock flow street heat intake and the thing was a beast at 1500-5000 but just died after 5000 rpm, now I have jumped to a victor 5.0 which might be too much but you can always get better heads and bigger cam and shift at 6500.

    hope this helps
  3. wildstang is pretty much on the ball. Your question is way too vague. It all depends on your setup(heads, cam , intake) You must, or should also take into consideration your internals. I personally wouldnt let my 50oz 347 go up to 7000. I have an SFI balancer and flywheel, but still very iffy on that. What is your plans or goal for your setup? That should be the very first question that you ask yourself. Then you must jump back to reality and see what you are actually going to buy or considering
  4. 100% dependent upon your induction components...

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