347ci Crank and Pistons

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  1. Ross Racing pistons

    there are 8 pistons here however 1 has a crack in the dome, and one has some pitting in the dome. the other 6 are good and reusable.

    Ross Pistons:

    4.030 bore
    .004 clearance
    1.085 compression height
    12:1 w/ 64cc head
    20* head
    build number for these pistons is 60554 youll need this number to order replacement pistons.

    Rings are included for all 8 pistons.
    Total Seal Rings - .043 .043 3mm

    4340 forged steel crank
    Crank stamped as 302 3400 5400
    302 block
    stroke 3.400
    rod length 5.400
    Standard standard grind
    Crank is 28oz External balance

    $350 for pistons and rings

    [email protected]


    parts in Plainfield IL 60585



    2 bad pistons.
    first has 2 cracks.

    second has some nicks in the top
  2. friday bump!!!

    if your interested in the pistons, my work is a dealer for them and we can call them up and get replacements for the bad ones. not sure on the cost but let me know and we can work it out.
  3. still have the pistons and crank. let me know if your interested.
  4. still have the pistons.
    let me know
  5. pistons still here. crank is sold.
  6. ttt for pistons. lmk if intersted.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.