35th Anniv 35 anny in 1:18

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  1. So I took your guys advice with the white 35th anny that I bought at mustangs & mustangs.
    **the sandpaper is made by a company called K&S, and is a film, the 600 is more like 1500 grit**
    1. Dissasemble it (if you do this there is a screw under the trans, pop the trans off first to access it)
    2. Cleaned with very hot water and Tide to remove any grease
    3. Sand with 400 grit and dishwashing liquid to prep
    4. Shoot ( carefully with some left over 99 mustang torch red)
    5. Sand out any mistakes with 600 grit and dishwashing liquid
    6. Shoot again with more reducer for flow out
    7. Wait 4 days for paint to dry and sand with 600 grit and dishwashing liquid
    8. Hand rub with Meguiar's scratch-x and wax
    9. Reassemble.

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  2. Very cool :)

    We need some side by side pics now :D