35 mpg in a Mustang

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  1. This week I did a lot of traveling with a little city but mostly highway. I traveled442.1 miles on one tank of gas with a little left over for more. After filling up with 12.335 gallons of gas I ended up with 35.84 MPG. Not bad for a 16 year old car with 166,000 miles on her. Just thought I would share.

  2. Nice. I don't think I ever really did better than 30 mpg in mine (but I don't think the 3.73's it had behind the 5 speed helped on the highway).

    I got 36 mpg in my Tempo once, so I figured if it could do that, a Mustang should be able to as well.
  3. My Stang use to be an auto, so I have 3.73s. I just took it real easy and tried to keep my speed down and coasting as often as I could.
  4. :nice:

    I have been getting 20-21 in town driving. When I was driving highway I was getting 30 mpg. Course mine is an auto, so it won't be as good as a manual 5 speed though.

    Dan, do u think that if I put my air intake snorkel back on, it would increase my mpg any? or better off with it off still?

    Rock and Roll the mpg's on the 2.3 are better than most of the new cars out there. :)
  5. Especially with such a large 4 cylinder, at least by today's standards. My '94 Toyota truck with a 2.4L eeks out around 32mpg with 85% highway driving. I have yet to get even 28 with the SVO. I haven't bothered to check the mileage on my '68. :p

    The most economical car I ever drove my my old '91 Civic hatchback at 42mpg, but it had a 1.5L, a 4-speed, and weighed about 2000lbs with me in it.
  6. damn

    man reading this makes me think i really bad gas mileage. i get only like 250 miles out of my tank.... i guess this is cause im allways speeding though i cant help it....but man screw these damn gas prices espcially out here in california and smog laws out here dont help out ! (BOO on C.A.R.B. :nonono:)

  7. Glow I would leave it off, all it does is act as a restriction in the flow of air. The engine is an air pump, so the more freely the air can pass in and out of the motor the more efficient the motor will run. I have the bottom of the air box cut off on my car and I have the EGR blocked off. It doesn’t seem to heart anything on my car mileage wise.

  8. Thanks Dan, appreciate the advise. I have been adding a $1 bottle of fuel injector cleaner from O'Reilly Auto Parts and it does seem to help the mileage some.
  9. I never do better than 25-26 mpg...but I guess that in a 3400 lb car with a 250+ hp turbo four cylinder, that's not too bad :shrug:
  10. so here's a good question

    im only getting about 15 mpg in my 88 vert, around town, I know the overdrive is out on the tranny but thats getting switched to a 5 speed soon.

    it just seems like the tranny is sucking the power out of the engine, it's a real dog right now. no get up and go at all.

    anyone got any suggestions,

  11. My suggestion is to fix the transmission....

    One of the best things anyone can do for fuel economy is keep the vehicle in a good state of repair.
  12. I got 24 mpg the other day, tank wasn't empty, had about 1/4 left in it with 223 miles on it. I would run it lower but don't want to run out of gas. If I didn't want to pay for the gas, I would run a long trip just to see what it would get. I bet it would be awesome.

    I'm looking for a daily driver, but dang, the mpg on the 2.3 is so great compared to some of the cars out there now.:rolleyes:
  13. the best my 4 cyl (2.3l) honda accord gets is 27.. And it supposed to be my commuter car... Maybe i should switch back to the stang...

  14. I pulled out my sub box last night, going to see if I can do without the bass, less weight should help the mpg too. Will see how long I can last without the extra bass. Its easy to put back in, 2 rca jacks and 3 screw on wires to the amp.
  15. Noticed one of your mods was a 40 series Flowmaster. Do you have any exhaust clips? I was thinking of running my stock downpipe with my cats and using the SVO Y pipe with dual 40's and 2 1/2 inch pipes. I'm really hating my single exhaust right now.
  16. I dont know about dual 40's but maybe 1 muffler with the y pipe coming out from behind it would be cool.