350 ci chevy motor in a fox stang

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by budweiser, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. i been seeing alot of chevy 350ci motors on ebay with lots of HP all in the 400 range for just a few grand i was wondering if its possible to put a 350 ci chevy in a fox stang??? please no flames
    If it is possible, I hope you total your car the next day.
  3. You wouldn't be the first to do it. You would need a double sump oil pan for a chevy motor which are made, maby some custom motor mounts which wouldn't be that big of a deal. If you have a T5, you would need a bell housing and input shaft from a older F-body with a T5.

    I never have scene why there is this whole stupid ford vs chevy thing. So what, Ford built a better body and the SBC can't be beat.

    4 bolt SBC blocks are all over the place. Alot stronger than a SBF 351 block, unless it's and R/Sportsman/aftermarket block which will cost 10 fold more. 400 cranks are all over the place, make a 383 for cheap.
  4. and SBC parts are normally a good bit cheaper. i would not do it, but that is just me (not a flame).
  5. :jaw: OMG, lets put a smallblock Mopar in there instead.
  6. How about a Big Block Hemi instead. People are putting Typhoon intakes on thier cars which is made in CHINA. At least GM is made here. Ford like to build alot of their motors in MEXICO. So WTF.
  7. Why don't you just buy a camaro-cheaper. Not a flame.
  8. Not entirely so. A great deal of GM vehicles are made in Canada, and a few are made in Mexico as well. Ford produces more products in the USA than GM does.

    Yeah i've seen a few 350s in the stang and I just can't look at it without feeling discomfort :doh:
  9. I dont see the big deal either, the SBC is the best motors around cause parts are everywhere for them and they make awesome power for a small price, far less than a 302. Ive got a buddy with one in his car and it runs 10.80s on motor and its not very radical at all. If you find a good SBC for your car man go for it, i think it would be a fun swap and probably move pretty good....
  10. Probably put down more power
  11. Eeyew, a transvestite 'Stang! :rlaugh:

    Seriously though, I had my car through the late 80's and 90's when Chevy had to have 50 c.i. more displacement to get less horsepower-trust me, I stomped enough Z28's and Vettes during that time to know! :D

  12. Ok now, Fast forward to present 2004 and catch up with what technology has available
  13. if you wanted to build a chevy motor then why dont you put it in a chevy where it belongs, get an old malibu, nova, chevelle etc. and drop the motor in there. blue ovals and bowties werent meant to be put together
  14. I would do it just to piss people off. It's about being fast, not just an image to me. Don't get me wrong, I love the SBF 289-302, one of the baddest motors ever made. Short stroke wide bore, loves to rev. If ford had any sence they would have kept it on and improved on it like GM did. But noooo... they had to be like every other looser on the other side of the ocean and go with this wonderfull OHC crap while GM put the same effort and improving what they know already works and making it work better. It takes twice as many parts, and twice the money to build a 4.6DOHC and still doesn't have anything on the LS1, unless it has a poweradder. I know a guy with a '02 Z28 auto except exaust and a intercooled Vortec running 9psi it's stock making 509rwhp/468rwtq. He's planning on a better MAF and TB along with a cam and some heads to drop the compression and run say 14psi, I can't wait to see it.
  15. Jason, interesting point (your comment about the 302 characteristics remind me of what Chevy did with their 302 - from the early TA's - nice motors, both of 'em).

    im curious - from what i have gathered, one major reason for scrapping the 5.0 was that it was 'dirty' from an emissions standpoint. what does GM do to not have this same apparent problem with their pushrod motors?

    OT: i do like the reverse flow cooling systems they use - nice idea, i think.
  16. I thought GM didn't make the 350 anymore and has since gone to a new 5.3 and is stuffing that in every truck/van now...........

    Besides from an emissions standpoint, was the 5.0 in the explorers not a hell of a lot cleaner and higher power output acheived with them?
  17. GM revised the SBC 327 cast block for the LS series. The 4.8, 5.3, 5.7, and 6.0 are all of the new series. Nice engines, somewhat like the old series but improved, but still a pushrod engine. Reverse cooling is a great idea that works, cools the top first keeping the air charge cooler while heating the lower more for effecency. That's why they can run 10.5:1 on 87 octane.

    Why couldn't Ford this? I thought Mazda became part of Ford, but it seems Ford turned to Mazda. Well, zoom zoom. Emmisions, the 4.6 isn't any better than any of the LS series GM's. Ford put all into the new '05 comming out, why didn't they do something besides adding a few valves and some vtec like system, it would have been easier to add a few cubes.
  18. budweiser? I applaud your attempt...i'm very intrigued with all types of fabrication, i knew a kid that did a 87 Mazda RX7/5.0 swap....installed flows on it and it sounded so so sweet...i'm sure every chevy and ford owner is familiar with the rivals between one another.....i personally don't understand it, i'm the type to admire one for the work she/he has put into it and actually make it work...no matter the outcome, you'll still learn through the progress of your creations. remember...take lots of pictures too and post them for people to see.
  19. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
    A Chev Motor Belong's In A Chev.... Not In A Mustang... It's just more thing's for the bow tie guy's too laugh about how some Mustang Guy's are throwing 350's in there car's just so they can keep up. Build up a nice 351 or a Stroker and those 350's won't be able to touch you. Even a decent 5.0 could keep up to a 350. Yes 350's are cheap to build, and they do make great power on a budget, but the part's required to perform the swap will end up costing you a bit of cash, making the swap not much cheaper then just building a nice 5.0
    4 Bolt 350 Block's aren't all there flamed up to be as well.... a 2 Bolt Main Early 351W Block with a Girdle can handle way more power than a 4 Bolt 350 ever could.
    Everyone is different and has there own idea's....(this is not a flame) just please don't go and put a SBC in a 5.0 Mustang. There's enough GM Engine's running around in Classic Ford Street Rod's as there is and even in 60's Mustang's. The Last Thing We Want Started is 350's running around in Fox Body Stang's all over the place.
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