350 ci chevy motor in a fox stang

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by budweiser, Jul 4, 2004.

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  1. 408stroker5.0: I'm looking at your sig and drooling. Nice setup.
  2. Reminds me of this beautiful older silver jaguar xj8 that had a 350 SHOVED IN IT. That totally again, ruins a car like that. I'm a Ford fan but i'm not going to say shove a ford engine in it instead of a gm, by all means, put the engine in it that belongs in it - it's a jag for God's sake.
  3. I dont like those chevy/ford/dodge hybrids either, unless the car has a totally crappy motor in it to start with.

    Stuff I dont mind are: 5.0 or 350 in a Jeep, 5.0 in a Miata, 5.0 or 350 in a Volvo, etc. They are good cars with bad motors to start with. If it was my choice, Id prefer a 5.0 or 351 motor over a chevy 350, simply because I like the sound better. But thats my preference. :)
  4. Thanx Man!!! :D Pic's and track Number's Coming Soon.
  5. Well let's face it, chrysler starts out with a high percentage of crap in the first place on their vehicles. They totally ruined jeep as well in my opinion.
  6. well atleast ryde on and 408 got thee head straight..
    i dont believe some of the other crapp im hearing>>>> :notnice: :bs:
  7. Well if you're going to put a 350 in it, make sure you rip all the ford emblems off and put Chevy ones on and while you're at it rip off the mustang body and bolt on a shortbed truck body. Oh and when you're finished....I'll still smoke you in my real ford 302 BLOWN Stang!!!
  8. the chevy wouldn't need a double hump pan since they are rear sump and the oil pump is already back there. chevy suck fords make more power .period
  9. This stuff always gets em stirred up! IMHO it's easier to keep a Ford motor in a Ford vehicle, unless you like fabricating. I have a 455 Olds motor that makes well over 500 ft/lbs of torque just above idle, and I would never put it in my "new" 88 LX. Just my 2 cents. I did way too much fabricating getting this Olds motor and 400 Turbo trans into a 79 Cutlass. I guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite because I used a Ford 9-inch rear. I didn't trust a 12-bolt. Never did break one drivetrain part. :nice:
  10. isnt this world screwed up enough.somethings just arnt meant to be,thats one of them :notnice:
  12. OMG What is happening in Stangnet??? there are 5 threads of SBC into Fox bodies already!!!!, I don't know if it is me but i never, ever put a chevrolet engine in my Fox:ban: , but it is because i have an oval heart and blue all over my veins!!!:nice:
  13. whats happening is that confusion is pullign old threads and posting them to try and prove something and all hes doing is being annoying
  14. yep a couple jackass' doing what they are good at. What do you morons drive now? (ones wanting sbc in a stang) buy the POS 350 you want and toss it in whatever ****box you already have. Itll save you the cost of a stang the humiliation you will receive later
  15. whats the deal with these ****ing threads lately???[​IMG]

    i have a 90 beretta GT i'll sell u so u can put a 350 in it. i have thought about doing it. i think it would be fast as hell
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