1. Just got home and I had a nice blue 350z pull up behind me. So the car in front of me went strait and I was making a right turn. The 350 turned to follow. I figured what the hell no one is in front of me so I floored it and to my surprise the 350z was still behind me. I know they are fast but how fast are they. My traction control kicked on because I floored it right as I was coming out of the turn and that might of hurt me some but I wonder if I could take a 350z from a stand still? What I need is 3.73s a mid pipe and stage one cams.
  2. Listen I'm against street racing also. That’s why I shut down at 50 today when the speed limit was 40, not like I was going 100. I was just asking a question that’s all. The only track I know off is around 2-3 hours from here. I like to floor it up to the speed limit or 10 over but that’s it, nothing crazy. So let me rephrase. If I was at a stop light and a 350z was at a stop light and the speed limit was 50 and we went 60, who would get to 60 faster? Sounds like one of those stupid math question that you would get back in highschool:D .
  3. Against your car, given the 350 is a stick.. i think the 350
  4. I thought the slowest ones are about 290hp and 280tq. Definitely a car to respect stock for stock.
  5. I am with Tomustang on this one:Track:
  6. Go smoke a bowl and **** slap some kids. Where's that finger poking smiley when your need it.

    You should have rephrased the question to "if we were at the track, who would win in a race to 50 mph."

    It's just a question about how fast are the 350z's compared to his car. Geez.
    I think it would be pretty close, which seemed to be the result of your little romp to 60. :nice:
  7. Add "sticky tires" to that list. And even then, it'll be very close. 350z's are no joke.
  8. I think the 350 would get you up top, but down low it would be about even.
    With just cams, and a midpipe extra...you would drive away from him. Although he may keep up decently up top, he wont run you down. Get some LTs, and full boltons...and bye bye 350 Zs :D.

    Heck im running almost even with teh supercharged 350s lol. Im sure there are some quick ones, but most I have seen trap 109-111. So you should be alright. Time for some mods :D
  9. 350's are fast SOB's.

    My cousin has a 6-spd 350 and the one time we raced i barely edged him out with my 5-spd GT.
  10. You'll take it from a dig, i've driven next to a couple when we both happen to be wot, i take em by about half a car.
  11. It will take a few good power mods to beat one. They already have more HP than you. The new ones are making 300hp @ 6,400 rpm and 260tq @ 4,800 rpm. They also weigh a little less, there are a bunch running in the high 13s stock, with no problems. That Nissan VQ motor is something special, it is a great design with a really flat torque curve, continuously variable valve timing, variable intake and all the goodies, good luck with one up top too.
  12. I had one by about half a car till 110, it was a 2006 with the temp tags still on. Then the track ended.
  13. Nice, what are your mods? 5 speed or auto?

    I have been waiting for the opportunity to run one, I wonder how I will hold up. :nice:
  14. Its weird when I race them at the track I demolish them off the line but towards the end they start to catch up...last time I raced one I ran a 14.01 at 100 and the 350z ran a 14.10 at 101....this is before my x-pipe and shifter but still surprised me....
  15. Sounds about right, those VQs can REV and breathe VERY well up top.

  16. Yea I dont know what was done to his car beside the exhaust but it stayed right with me towards the end...oh well mine sounded better going across the line at WOT:D
  17. There is no denying that, plus there is more potential with yours. :lol:
  18. I have a mac intake, and I'm pretty sure I have a shift kit. Mine is auto, i bought it used from a dealership so theres no tellin what else is done to it.
  19. One of my friend’s moms has a 350z and it is a nice car. It seems like 350z and big trucks with exhaust tend to tail me. I don't no what the truck people are trying to do. I figure they just want a closer look at my car.