1. i think with the cam and x pipe you listed you should have no problems with the 350z.
  2. set the bar a little higher than a small v6.
  3. At 300hp I wouldn't call the 350z a samll V6.
  4. am i missing something? the 350 Zs around here with exhaust and crap only run like 15.0s

  5. Crappy drivers? :shrug:

    Even the G35, which is a heavier version of the 350 would still be a solid 14 second car with thw 6-spd 298HP version.
  6. 3,5l is a big motor? i need to switch.

    thank god we can whip 3.5l. next we can shoot for 4 litres. and some day step up to LS cars. what the heck has happened here.
  7. Technology.
  8. :lol: :nono: I hammer my car all the time...........When no one is around. Just raced a 911 tubro to 140mph but no one was around. Damn 5th gear owned me i lost about a car and a half.

    BTW I hate 350z and the G35. Everyone that gets one drives like a idiot and thinks there in a race car. You guys get that as well?

  9. 350's sometimes. G35's not really. Most of the time it's some old person driving them so i never get to see them run. Recently a friend's g/f bought a 6-spd G35 so waiting til i catch them at a light at night.

    I've driven the G35 6-spd and honestly it's the only car that's really gotten my blood boiling as much as when i drive a Mustang. It's not as fast, but it handles and brakes VERY well and it can scoot on the highway pretty well. I think when i've finally gotten bored of my GT i might try to pick up a 6-spd G35.
  10. 350z's are a joke. 30k+ cars that can barely hang with 20k car? WOW, good job nissan.
  11. Stock 350Z > stock 2V Mustang GT

    But when you start modding the two, 2V Mustang comes out on top. 350Zs don't respond well to mods when N/A.
  12. No the 6spd versions run a 13.9. Its a driver's race, stock for stock
  13. You have to look at things other than just quarter mile ET's. Cars are made to do more than accelerate. :rolleyes:
    I haven't driven a Z or done reasearch about them, but I'm willing to bet that the 350Z as a whole has much better build quality than our pre-05's. Moreover, stock for stock, the Z will outhandle us by a significant margin.

    Dont' get me wrong, for me it's always going to be/has been Mustang>*insert name of car*. Just stating some facts.
  14. You have to remember it also handles better than '99-04 Cobra's stock also.

    So, going by what you say... why can't the more expensive Cobra outhandle the less expensive 350Z?
  15. or the $800 95 honda civic running 10s for WELL under what a stock GT would cost?

    Seriously though, dont get into that whole "my car is faster and cheaper" argument. Cause there will always be something faster and cheaper. To each their own. Personally i'd rather have my 13 second GT than a beater 95 civic running 10s. Just as some would rather have a niec sporty Z running 13s or 14s instead of a faster GT for cheaper.

  16. you're right, forget i said it.

    they have OHC and we don't. they also have available DOHC 4v and we don't. not to mention VCT. we also have no variable intakes. ford has no such animals.

    except maybe 2v,3v,4v.

    vct in 4.6 and 5.4 3v
    variable intake on 96-98 dohc, etc.

    don't give me any crap about tech. just how many 450rwhp(517flywheelhp) N/A 3.5 nisaan's are there? 0 zero. how many 4.6's a crapload.

    how many 1300 - 1700hp 3.5's? 0 zero?

    1300+ MODs, they are practically everwhere. even you can build or buy one.

    technology? sheesh!!!
  17. +1

    The mod for $$$ argument is lame IMO. Rung what ya brung.
  18. Mustang...handling :rlaugh: When I think of a mustang that can handle I think of a 00 Cobra R.
  19. Well, I was referring to the actual thread we're in. His car came with 260hp from the factory. He added, what, a filter? There are V6's and i4's with 300hp from the factory, he shouldn't underestimate them. I said 'technology'. Meaning, the 2V V8 GT is being surpassed by V6's and i4's because of advancements in technology.

    You make it seem like if it doesn't have at least 4.6 Liters and is a V8, then you don't have to worry about it.

    Some of us don't have modified cars. :shrug: