1. I agree, you should not underestimate them. Especially since a lot of them weigh a LOT less than us.
    But keep in mind that N/a 3.5L making 260-298 hp (Z/G35) is also running high compression. Those motors dont have much more room for improvement N/A. Where as our 2V GTs have a lot more room for improvement

  2. Hm, you know, there are other cars available than the almighty mustang.

    I'm not slapping around the car. I love stangs, and I'm on my 2nd one thus far, but when I go out for my next car, I won't die if there isn't a mustang of my choosing...

    it's a package deal, interior quality, speed, handling, sex appeal.
    You want to go 10 seconds for a dirt cheap price? go buy a sport bike man.

    And the 350Z is a quality car. As much as some of their owners drive me nuts. You should appreciate the machine.

  3. This is a common misconception from my experiances. People say that these g35's are fast.. and they are quick.. but nothing close to a stock mustang gt.

    My brother's celica gts with an intake and axleback was "at the track" and came up against one when it was rolling and beat it by about a car all the way too 120 where the g35 pulled back on pure power. He's beaten two different ones before in his CELICA heh.

    I believe its just an overly done power to weight ratio that makes these g35's slower.

    Now the 350 on the other hand.. though same styling ques and a comparable engine.. it gives stock stangs tailights with similar drivers.
  4. I thought the Z had 280 and they now have 300??? :shrug:
  5. in 04 the made the 280 hp ones..

    I think in 05 they came out with the higher numbers.

    In 2004 the special edition one.. i believe it was yellow, made 300 hp and then they made them all like that. Don't quote me on this though.
  6. Yeah, supposedly you get 300hp with the 6-MT and 280 with the 5-AT.
  7. I rana G35 a few months ago. VERY fast! (before LTs...280ish RWHP... currect 1/4 miles was a 13.30 @ 104) From a 65 roll, I could only slowly pull away. I would only pull 2 cars on him till...err well top of 4th. But it didnt apear to be stock :shrug: . If they are slow stock, they can be made to be pretty fast lol.
  8. The 350Z base price is $27,650, not a heck of a lot more than the base of a GT Mustang. They are pretty close in straight line performance and the 350Z would rape a GT in handling.

    Really the 350Z and a Mustang are not in the same class of cars. The mustang is a pony/muscle car and the 350Z is a sports car. I would say 30K for a sports car that performs as well as a 25-30K muscle car in a straight line and whips its butt in the twisties is a pretty good job.
  9. hmm last I checked, there arent corners and turns on a road like there would be on a F1 track. SO handling in street racing or going in a straight line means nothing. The pre 05s were rated the most reliable car of 04, so I highly doubt a car with suspension flaws, read up on the 350z maybe it was fixed;I dont know, that wear down the tires. I was pulling on those cars with just a simple X pipe and a catback.

    If you think you will ever see a new 350z for less than 30k, you are smoking crack.
  10. I agree with mogs they still arent under 30k here for one and when they first debuted they really jacked up the prices for one.
  11. WHAT??? and who is running at an F1 track??:shrug:

    Isn't this a comparison between a stock Mustang GT and a stock 350Z or G35?
    In perspective, they are in two completely different categories.

    It amazes me to still see so many poor comparisons drawn.
    04DarkShadowGT and Caldwell both made the best and most obivous points: the mustang is a pony/muscle car and the 350Z is a sports car & it's a package deal, interior quality, speed, handling, sex appeal. You want to go 10 seconds for a dirt cheap price? go buy a sport bike man.

    And the 350Z is a quality car. .... You should appreciate the machine.

    If you're in the market to purchase either car, they both come with their own PROs and CONs but dismiss them like they are unworthy? :bang: Shorted sighted, inexperienced or immature.:nono:
  12. Other people are talking about the ability of a 350z/G35 to out handle a Gt. The thread starter was referring to the acceleration and speed of the 350z/g35, which is meaning its straight line performance. If people want to use circle arguments by bringing up the handling characteristics of the car, that is their problem.
    We are comparing its acceleration and speed, which are two categories that you can compare on any car. Price or car category is irrelevant
    so is a mustang, I don't considered the price of a car making it a quality car. I have been in 350z, they aren't worth 30k.

    Buy American.
  13. exactly.

    Now you've stated a few things that can and cannot be argued. But there is ONE major thing that you should pay attention to for your own benefit, because i'm sure others already see it.

    "I have been in 350z, they aren't worth 30k" <- Opinion
    "Buy American" <- Opinion

    Not to say that the opinions you state aren't justified or without reason.

    but you should understand for your own sake that a car's worth is only as much as someone's willing to pay for it.

    and an american automobile isn't higher quality just because it was built on american soil or designed by an american company. keeping in mind that team of people you hold in high regard probably isn't only composed of your red, white, & blue caucasian male with a mustache and cigar in hand. "American" is a very, very loose term... composed of every nationality around the globe.
  14. I agree that we should all buy American cars whenever possible, but you cant blame people for buying a historically more reliable, better built, better resale foregin cars.

    Besides no american company makes anything that is direct competition to the 350Z.
  15. You lucky bastards, The only people driving 350z's around here seem to be old farts that wont go. The closest I have had was a g35 that backed off really fast after he tried getting me to race. I guess he didn't like me pulling on him.
    And I'm sorry but I'm of the mentality that the Mustang is done a huge disservice when people do not clasify it as a sports car. It is a Pony car it, can become a muscle car, and depending how you mod it it can stay a sports car. We jst happen to have a back seat.
  16. WOW talk about being totally persuaded by the media's Import propaganda. "Historically more reliable"?? wow!

    really? GTO>350z

    Cardwell you got some good points :). In reality, they arent worth 30k :D
  17. I agree. :p

  18. Could not have said it better myself. :hail2: :flag:
  19. I was driving my brothers 04 GTO around yesterday. That may be faster but it handles like a turd. GTO is like a bigger pony car, the 350z would handle much better. The GTO is way more refined, very cozy and it has a back seat. :rlaugh:
    I have sat in 350's as most of you probably have. It's ok inside but no back seat bothers me as there is no place to put my dogs:D
    GTO is a car you could drive everyday and mod it up and have some fun. The 350z is too impractical to be a DD for "most people".
    Almost not in the same class... Weight class:flag:

    On a side note.. Maybe 20 more hp and I'll be able to keep pulling as hard as that damn GTO over 70mph...
  20. You know this brings to mind a few good points. First off buying from a "traditional" American company like Ford or Chevy is no gaurentee at all that your car was made by American workers. Many Fords and Chevys are made in Mexico or Brazil or even Asia. Secondly the most reliable cars year after year have been the Buick Century, Honda Accord and Toyota Camary in the mid size segment. Oddly enough all of those are made right here in the good Ol USofA.

    My point to this is that we as American buyers need to start paying more attention to "where" the car is really built, and not where the car company is headquartered. Myself, im more interested in buying American (worker) made, not necessarily American owned. If I can get the highest quality, employ American workers and pay a fair price Im buying whatever fits those criteria be it Honda, Toyota, Buick whatever.... I could really care less if a greedy CEO like Bill Ford has a job. Gotta change the way we think people, it's a global economy these days. Gotta know where your purchases are actually made.