1. Ford has plants mostly in New mexico and The Camary's engines are POS. All they do is burn oil. Besides, Toyota is currently in a huge recall because some of their cars and the cheap metal they use are being eaten away at the subframe mods near the suspension.

    Buick on the other hand are so highly underrated its sickening. They are really great cars. Always have been.
  2. gosh, how many posts does it take to say...

    everything but ford sucks. there is said it, we can consider this issue closed.
  3. hey great post, how about next time you come up with something useful.
  4. just ignore him, that's what most of us do:nice:

    let the record show that i for one love all Z's, 240-350
    next to our crap cars the Z has to be my favorite cars just above the 3rd place vette

  5. only when you guys stop gushing and crawling on your bellies adoring a v6, hoping to some day live up to the legendary torque a 3.5l v6 makes. i am in awe.

    my mom bought a new 1976 280z 2 seater, a new 1983 280zx turbo, a 1987 laurel 2800 dual plug sedan(european), a couple of sentra's, and a 2006 TITAN. i still think they suck . i own a 2001 sentra. it sucks. i grew up where a 1984 M3 had 300 hp and 180mph. it sucked they all suck.

    ignore me? gosh you guys are opinionated aren't you?
  6. i respect the 350z, but i can't understand how many people on a mustang forum speak so highly of the car. i am on my 5th mustang and i will always own a mustang of some sorts, simply because of the heritage behind them, when the 350z has been out for over 40 years i might even buy me one LOL. I mean I like to go fast and handle well, but thats not the reason I bought my mustangS
  7. Oh, and to clarify, there is no such thing as a "Pony car" thats a made up term by horsepower guru's. In the real world, for example, when you get insurance, or when you register your vehicle, it's listed as a "sports car". Lets switch gears here and compare an 06 mustang to an 06 350z stock for stock. The Z with a base price at around 28,000 and the mustang with a base price around 26,000, both with 300HP, mustang with a alot more torque. for the fun factor the mustang wins hands down. Yes the Z will outhandle the mustang hands down. a pre 05 mustang gt's base price was ALOT less than the 05+'s I remember seeing base prices not too much over 20,000. let's compare apples to apples....not apples to oranges...
  8. Detroit made up the term "Pony car"

    My insurance company listes EVERY mustang/camaro/firebird/new gto a Muscle Car, not a sports car.
  9. Just as an fyi the first Nissan/Datsun Z car was sold in the US in 1970, so no it doesnt have 40 years of history but I would say its not too bad. The Z car was made straight from 1970 - 1996 and then again in 2003.

    Pony car was a term developed in the late sixties to describe the smaller compact performance cars such as the mustang, camaro, etc. the muscle cars tended to be the larger midsize cars. Sports cars where cars like the vette that where to seater rwd perfomance cars. The mustang is not a true sports car, regardless of what the insurance classifies it as.

    Comparing the 05-06 GT and the 350Z is a more fair comparison, I agree. The Mustang is faster the 1/4 and the 350Z will outhanlde the mustang. They are totally different cars, if you want speed in a straight line go mustang, if you want a relatively low budget sports car go 350Z. Two different buys, two different markets.

    No I am basing it on my own experiences with the cars I have owned.

    1990 GMC Sonoma - perfect
    1996 Chevy Beretta - trans at 60K, electical problems galore, tons of rattles
    2000 Civic SI - perfect
    2002 Nissan Sentra - perfect mechnically, a few rattles
    2002 Dodge Neon - trans at 50K, sold shortly after
  10. Why is this thread still going on?

    "It's not a fair comparison."

    Did you hear that, scupking? Since the 350Z was trying to race you, you should have rolled down your window and told him "It's not fair because mine isn't a 2005." That would have solved your problems.

    I really don't think they would let you do that at the dragstrip either. You know what? His car is newer and has more horsepower, I want to line up with a car similar to mine in year and condition.

    Scupking wanted to know how fast the 350Z was compared to HIS car, a relatively stock 2001 GT. It should be close. Not compared to an '05 GT or a 5.4L V8 or a Cobra. That doesn't help him in any way.

  11. nissan < ford quality, I know through experience

    350z > my car :rlaugh:
  12. I guess it comes down to the individual insurance companies but mine (Progressive) lables the Stang a "Sports Performance Car", a.k.a. lick the end of the baseball bat and jack it up your ass because we're charging u an extra grand a year to cover your potentail risky driving behavior. God forbid I get a ticket or an accident. I'm not complaining too much though, just like gas, u have to pay to play.