351 Cleveland Into 302 Fuel Injected

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  1. What mph at what weight? Just curious.
    I though you were refering the wedge heads. Sorry
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  3. So I just picked up a 351c as well and will be putting it into my 91 fox. Can I use the 302 or 351w distributor? I will be using the stock 2v heads. I haven't decided on using the spacers to reuse my GT40 intake, or fabricating my own. But it will be a fuel injected daily driven engine.

    Sorry to hijack. ..
  4. No
  5. I copy and pasted this from a truck forum after a lot of google searching. Is this info correct?

    1975-up 351M,400, or 460 Duraspark distributor -
    * A 7.5/460 dist is simply a drop in for a EFI 351C using EEC IV. The 351W uses an external dist mounted TFI module just like the 5.0, while the 7.5 uses a remote mounted TFI module. Basically all you need to do is drill a hole in the side of the 7.5 dist to run the wires from the dist to the TFI module.
  6. That is getting it done. I would be happy to see 150 to the 1/8 with mine once it's all finished. Keep in mind I haven't upgraded the cage yet, no time to gut the car and add 20 more bars if I want it running soon.
  7. that seems right.