351 cobra killer

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 97predator, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. got some questions for yall. i read up on the S351 and was wondering how hard it would be to swap a 351 into a 5.0L. is it possible to shoehorn somehting like this into a 99-up mustang? http://www.automotix.com/engines_by...351WHOLB-1.html

    if so, how would one go about setting it up with EFI. is the setup used by Saleen a custom manufacture for their use? or are there kits for this? then, i bet a twin turbo setup would just be sick on somehting like that.
  2. all you need is motor mounts and the right exhaust
  3. really, thats all? easier than i thought. is a swap like reasonable for the current mustang models? i have found the 351 engine new with warranty for around a grand. i was told the 5.0 heads fit, just have to have the head bolts drilled out to the right size. if thats the case then i can drop in the engine, with a performer package or some twisted wedge parts and still be under the cost of a supercharger. and i couldnt imagine the power once it got supercharger. does that all make sense, sorry if i ramble. :flag:
  4. its practical if you just put a carburater on the motor.

    it gets expensive for efi....intake,injectors,fuelpump,fuelrails then the computer needs a chip.

    i am building a 351 right now and i haven't decided yet.
  5. edelbrock has a setup, but its around 2000$. not too bad really depending on how much you have in the motor. i would like to go that route for turbo or supercharging purposes.
  6. So you want to put a 351 in a 97? You might try calling steeda and asking them what they had to change and maybe get the motormounts from them, then with the engine out it will be easier to put on the longtubes/shorties, then maybe have a custom h-pipe made. Why do you want to go EFI for a supercharger/turbo? Whats wrong with a boosted carb? Everybody hates on them but nobody knows anybody with one. I have a non-intercooled procharger on my carb'd 351, runs smooth as butter.