351 EFI induction systems

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  1. I've been looking around at 351 EFI set-ups and have been wondering about where to get a super victor-Accu fab th body system at? I don't think I wan to go with the tfs r but don't know where to look. Also wondering about the fuel system. The aeromotive kit is pretty expensive. Would a 255lph pump and adj reg be enough flow to add a n2o system with a 550 HP n/a engine? Should I add an extra in-line pump? Would that even work? I'm planning on running an AFM PMS-97mm mas-power pipe to the th.body. Any recommendations-changes???
  2. Summit sells EFI super victors, and you can buy the throttle body direct from accufab. You may be able to get away with stock lines and adapters to the fuel rails. I am making about 550hp on motor right now any they work fine. I also spray a 150 shot wet kit that is tapped off the factory lines and id guess i am making about 675- 685 hp on nitrous.

    Since you asked, id recommend going with megasquirt or some other standalone and get rid of the MAF all together. With a 4 hole throttle body, if you go putting a carb hat on it, i think it will be restrictive and defeat the purpose of the 4150 style throttle body. You can get megasquirt 2 for about 600 bucks, it is very easy to install, and very easy to learn to tune it. I went the megasquirt route because i couldnt justify spending 400 on a MAF and then 300 on a tune that i cant even adjust myself

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  3. Thank you for the info. I will def look into the megasquirt also. Sounds like its even cheaper than the PMS. :)
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  4. Way cheaper, way more features, and much easier to use. If you buy tunerstudio you can use the VE analyze function, and set the ECU up to tune the fuel map while you drive the car. I did this for my driveability stuff and it worked awesome.

    I dont think you could buy a PMS and MAF used for what the MS2 box costs new
  5. No. You're right I was thinking almost 1500$ for the PMS and maf alone. But those 4hole accufabs aren't cheap either! I was thinking an intake elbow and regular 90mm accufab with the aforementioned system but I really like the 4150 style better. Have any recommendation for the accessory drive system? I'm going to run p/s,no a/c, and an edelbrock water pump and elec fans. This whole project won't be done until summer 14'. I just sold my TFS 190cc heads to my friend. I want to check the new Tfs r's or go with Afr 205 renegade heads.(bought the 190cc last month but they're not going to flow enough for what I want) good thing he bought them or I would have to run with them.
  6. Wow, for that money you could get into a holley EFI setup and have a really nice standalone

    As far as accessory's go, id just run the FMS A/C delete bracket for the power steering with the factor alternator bracket and tensioner. Ive run the march kit in the past and nothing beats the factory tensioner.

    How big of a motor are you building? I am doing a 427 now and decided to go with a set of CNC ported highports from cleveland performance center. They also did the cam for the motor. We are shooting for 750hp on motor. Ill be happy with anything over 700 N/A. Back in the day, when the TFS-R cylinder heads first came out everyone was using them over the high ports but i think people started realizing the highport was a better cylinder head and the valve geometry is easier to get right on the high ports. I read about those new TFS heads and im on the fence about how i feel about them, i'd especially like to know why they increased the valve angles on the new design.
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  7. I'm planning on going 427 also. I was wondering about the valve angle also. They sound similar to the Kaase heads I've been reading about. I don't want to run a straight out .700+ lift solid lifter cam though. Hyd. Roller setup will be just fine with me. I was going to shoot for high 9s with a 150-200 shot. May not get there with my stiff eibach springs-pro dampner setup but I'd like to autocross also. As for your setup...wow 700+HP n/a...holy sh##! That's a baaddd a##!!
  8. Yea, the kaase/jegs heads were on my watch list for a little while but after talking to my engine builder there were too many little things that i didnt like about the kaase deal. My engine builder had custom rockers made from harland sharp because that was the only way he could get the geometry right, and you also need an expensive valve cover on them.

    The original plan was to use nascar take off C3 heads and intake on a windsor block but the parts were hard to find and it was hard to get solid information on what exactly they were. So after talking with Dan and Cleveland Performance he steered me in the direction of the high ports and said he had a very good CNC program for an NA motor and he thought that it would meet our goals on pump gas.
  9. One of my customers at work had Kaase build him a 408 that's making 650hp n/a but he put Afr 225cc heads on it. Back-halved thunderbird running 9.80. Tried talking him into selling me that engine but not gonna happen. 15000$ price tag from Kaase. The valve train bs is why I'm not buying them either. That's why I was curious about the new tfs heads if they have the same issues or not. Maybe they reinvented the wheel???:)
  10. Where did you get your faceplated trans from?
  11. I sent my trans to liberty's gears and they rebuilt it and faceplated it. It cost me around 1500 to do it. You can find them on corral and NMRA digital forums if you keep your eye out
  12. Also, if you are using a stock engine harness, they make a Megasquirt Plug-n-play that comes complete already. Just plug it in and tune.
  13. Thanks for the info
  14. It looks like the OP was steering away from my combo, but here's my two cents:

    I'm running the TFS-R intake on my 427 with a standalone EFI and the Aeromotive Stealth fuel system. It makes ridiculous power on 28PSI from the ProCharger F1-R.


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  15. the box intake is good for boost, but its not the best choice for an NA or nitrous combination. Thats another advantage with the super victor, nitrous plates are cheaper and have much better designs than the spraybar type that you are forced to use with the trick flow stuff.
  16. Sharad...that car is sic! God I love fast mustangs. But I agree with 90lxcoupe. If I do have a change of heart on boosting mine I will go box style intake. And out of curiosity why do I get the impression people are scared of n2o? Just noticed it a lot on previous posts. My old car is still running low 12's on the juice with stock longblock.
  17. What kind of times are you running with that beast?

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  18. the 255lph pump moves around 220L at 43psi which is about 350lb/h. That is theoretically enough to support 580hp with a 0.60 BSFC. With flow losses from the rest of the fuel system, I would personally not try to get more than ~550hp out of a 255lph pump. Keep in mind that the pump output will decrease as pressure goes up. This site has official flow charts for the common Walbro pumps. GSL391 is the regular 255lph pump and GSL392 is the high pressure version.

    No, it wouldn't work like that. Two pumps inline (series) would just double the pressure ceiling while flow remained constant. Running them in parallel would double the flow while pressure remained constant. From the sound of your planned build, a single 255 probably won't be enough.

    You can also get an MS-I/PCB v2.2, stimulator, relay board, relay harness, engine-side harness, LC-1 wideband, and a serial cable for about $600.

    The MS-II/PCB v3.0 has a lot of very nice features and extras, but I think it's a bit overkill for most applications. Although still very cheap for a standalone, I think it's also a bit overpriced.
  19. I have to admit the standalone is intimidating me. I've never messed with any of it. Just did run of the mill maf upgrades and some carb stuff in the past.
  20. Its not that bad at all, just save a base tune in case you change things for the worse, and reload the base tune up. The MS2 plug and play makes it really easy. The only thing you have to wire is the wideband and just mount the box, which will fit where the stock computer is.

    Also, as far as a fuel system goes, i am running stock lines with a 255 in tank, and a procharger inline pump(which i think is a 255 pump), and it is plenty of fuel for what i need. The good thing about wet kits is it doesnt take very much fuel on just the nitrous side.