351 EFI induction systems

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  1. Thanks coupe!!
  2. Thanks. Tough call on the intake manifolds. I had an NA 358" with a CHP Spyder intake which ran really strong, but it was nothing like my 427/Box-R/ProCharger combo. (apples to oranges comparison though) I'm not sure a carb style intake would make any more power than the Box-R, but the nitrous concern is legit.

    Haven't made it to the track yet with the new combo. It just made 967rwtq on the dyno @ UPR, but it was obvious that the torque converter needed some adjusting. We were only expecting 20lbs of boost, so I think the 28lbs of boost we actually made caused it to WAY overshoot the power estimate I supplied with my tech sheet when I ordered the torque converter. Anyway, I shipped the trans & converter back to DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions so they could adjust the converter and inspect the tranny. They were planning to dig into them today. If they ship them back within the next week or two, we should be able to make some passes before the end of the month. (Our local track is PBIR in West Palm Beach, so it's open year round)

    We're expecting some 8s at around 160mph.
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  3. That's awesome! I hope you get there. Let us know what you end up running if you would. I love reading the results of everyone's hard work.
  4. You have your own build thread don't ya Sharad? If you do, I need to read through it.
  5. Man I f'ing hate winter. No chance to race or really even drive my car for 4months!! I'm thinking of building something like NikwoaC's big head/small engine setup. Until I can build my dart based moter. Out of curiosity how big can you go on a 8.2 block?? 363 the biggest most reasonable size? Then I might just run a box intake with a blower and forget the 427-Eddy setup. Man I have commitment issues :(
  6. Did you get your car painted yet?
  7. More details on the 358?

    I think you can go 368 on a 8.2" Dart with off-the-shelf parts (basically a 363 +.030", so a 4.155" bore).
  8. Thanks Nik. Should probably ask this on one of your threads but have you decided which way you are going on your next engine build?? Just to cut costs somewhere and all the extra bs I'm kinda leaning towards a 363 type build (stock hood,headers,etc.etc) my plan all along is to possibly dip into the 9s yet still have a relatively streetable setup. But it's hard to argue with displacement!
  9. Well lately I've been looking to source a junkyard roller 351 and do a budget forged piston 357. Stud the mains and maybe run ARP rod bolts so I can really beat on it. The local u-pull-it places charge ~$100ish but the late model roller blocks don't pop up too often.
  10. Stock block the most cubes you can go is 347 safely. If you are going to buy a dart block just buy a 9.5 deck.
  11. I'm going with a dart block. Just keep going back and forth on blown 8.2 block or nitrous 9.5. They only thing I'm positive on is staying manual trans!
  12. not sure if i agree with that... buddy of mine ran NMRA pure street for years and swapped out for one of them for a race at MIR and dipped it into the 9's before 9's happen in NMRA
  13. Not quite yet. It's at the body shop, though!
  14. Thanks. Will do.

    I don't think I have a build thread here on Stangnet. We post regular updates in the "True Street" photo album at www.facebook.com/TeamUPR. Also, it's a long term project car for 5.0 Mustang Magazine, so here are the first five articles, and there should still be a couple more articles coming:






    Nothing special. It was a '71 351 block, stock crank, Eagle rods, Arias pistons, Trick Flow Rs, TFS Stage 3 cam, and a CHP Spyder intake. The car ran 129mph in the quarter on street tires. It was a lot of fun to drive!
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  15. Customer from work with the back Halved Thunderchicken won At Indy:grats: Kip! Now wish he'd sell me that engine! Oh well contacting Woody at the end of the month and putting in my order for a Dart based 427!! I'm f'ing stoked!! Won't actually have the car running until probably spring of '15 but maybe next fall at the earliest. :trip: Still have to get trans,fuel system,etc. but at least the most expensive part will be ordered! Been saving for almost 3 years and with tax returns next spring (and still saving) should have everything bought by next year.