351 into gt?

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  1. got some questions for yall. i read up on the S351 and thought hey thats cool. is it possible to shoehorn somehting like this into a 99-up mustang? http://www.automotix.com/engines_by_size/ford-ford_v8-engines_t---FOR-351WHOLB-1.html

    if so, how would one go about setting it up with EFI. is the setup used by Saleen a custom manufacture for their use? or are there kits for this? then, i bet a twin turbo setup would just be sick on somehting like that.
    Also, I love the saleen kits, but have heard nightmares baout quality. is there a way to circumvent that? if i cant go the saleen route, then i would think the cervinies cobra R hood with saleen wing, roush side exhaust, and either the cervinis R bumper or the stalker bumper would be pretty mean too.

    thanks for the input. :nice:
  2. Of course it's possible. Saleen made the S351 until 2000, as I recall. It's also pretty easy to set up a 351 for the 5.0 style FI. I know Trick Flow makes a lower intake that fits the 351, and it will accept a 5.0 upper intake. As I recall, the 351 has a taller deck height, so the hood may have to be replaced to a cowl design. Also, the 351 uses the same heads as a 5.0, but the holes for the head bolts/studs have to be drilled out some, since, I think, the 302 uses a 1/2" head bolt, and the 351 uses a 7/16" head bolt. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. You'd have to change the computer to an EEC IV. If it was me, I'd try to find a roller engine like what came in the 1st Gen Lightning ('95?). You'd probably get way mre responses to your questions if you moved this thread to 5.0 tech. A turbo 351 in a '99 or newer car would just be sick, IMHO. :drool:

  3. thanks i posted there too, as well as saleen. good tip, i had completely forgot the lightning had one in it, you could probably rip the whole setup more or less. of course i love the 5.4, but it is too much $$$ for me. a 5.8 swap is in the range though. so get the 351 block, and i can put on 5.0 heads, just have to drill the head bolts larger? that could work. would i be able to get it to pass emeissions? hmm....possibilities... :banana: :banana:
  4. I'm sure you could get it to pass emissions, as long as it runs good and has a smog pump and cats. You might be able to find the heads pre-drilled for a 351, but I'm not positive. But if you have to drill, I'd take 'em to a machine shop and have it done right, you really don't want to f-up a thousand dollar pair of heads. :D
  5. Most definitely. what kind of power would that setup make? i was looking at edelbrocks website and there power packages are kickin out around 360-380 hp. not bad
  6. Depends on the entire setup. I'm pretty sure you could get 400+rwhp NA and still have it streetable.
  7. where woudl one get a roller lightning block liek you mentioned?
  8. The navi motor is a 5.4 hence the 351 you would like...they are doing a project in 5.0 Mustang and Super Ford mag. Pick up the latest issue...this will answer your ?s. Uses same parts as 4.6 too.
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  10. The corral has an article about putting a 302 into a 99+. See their road race car.
  11. Sorry, but it will not pass emissions legally. It would have to be OBD II compliant to pass emissions and I highly doubt that a 351 will be such.
  12. I'm not 100% sure on this, but I thought that some states still don't test via OBDII yet, and still do the sniffer test, in which case this combo could most definitely pass. Also, if what you're saying is true, how did the Saleen S351 pass? :shrug:
  13. Saleen is listed as a manufacturer, who used OBD II compliant systems as well as spending big $$$ to meet CARB approval.

    Sniffer or no sniffer, if they do a visual, it will not pass muster
  14. Sure it can be. You just need to throw an ODB-II fuel injection system on there. OBD-II just is a std set of computer codes for a diag machine to pull, items the computer must measure, and a physical connector for the car.
  15. were the 91-95 5.0's obdII compliant? if so one could simply pull the efi from one of those cars to run the 351 correct?
  16. These were EEC-IV which is not OBD II.

    Keep in mind, everyone wants to argue. It will not be a legal OBD II compliant transformation. Can you pass inspection, depending on the state, sure you can, but a 351W is not emissions certified for any car of 1996 or newer.
  17. Usually, you can't put an older motor into a newer vehicle. ie: 1999 351W motor into a 2003 GT. Or, a 302 into a 1996+

    From what I remember, it'll fail smog immediately.
  18. well heck, that is just killing my little project. :( thought i had found a way to inexpensively get some torque. bother. guess i have to think of somethign else then. hehe...giant nitrous shot