351 Sn95 Drag Car

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  1. Some of you may remember months back when I posted some videos of my dads drag car, if not, it's a 96 V6 car with a 351 that he swapped in. Currently has Lunati .580 lift cam, 1.7 rockers, and GT40P heads. So basically the top end is not mixed well at all. He lost interest like many of us do but he's now gotten back into it and has ordered the heads that this engine deserves.
    They should be here Monday or Tuesday.

    We already pulled the motor today and got it pulled back apart. He's also thinking going solid roller cam with it as well, I'm hoping that he does.
    Anyways what's a thread without pictures? Only took 2 lol


    Other than the top end, the engine was pretty solid. I want to believe he has just a stock steel crank but Eagle rods and Keith Black flat top pistons. He studded the mains and also studded the heads. He built the car for nitrous and he has a 150 shot kit waiting to go on the car after he gets his new heads.
    Anyways, the rest of the car is set up pretty well. Up front it has all tubular QA1 parts, Strange struts with Granatelli coil over conversion. Sub frame connectors and full roll cage. Out back is has double adjustable Granatelli upper control arms and adjustable lower control arms with Strange shocks. And of course just an 8.8 out back but has hardened axles and 4.10's. Also he built the C4 in it and has a 3200-3600 stall converter in it so it's going to launch hard. I keep trying to convince him to get torque box reinforcements but he says he'll do that another time. Probably when he rips the rear end out of it lol.
    This year he's actually going to go to the track so we will have some time slips to finally show off. Anyone wanna guess what he'll run when he gets everything dialed in and used to the car?
  2. Sounds like a nice combo. I'm hoping your PTV clearance will be good and you don't have to disassemble the bottom end to cut the pistons. We have a similar combo with a few more cubes that runs bottom tens on motor and well into the 9s on a 180 shot. Good luck with it!
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  3. This is what I like to hear. Lol. He was thinking the old set up was already a low 10 second combo but I didn't have the heart to tell him his combo was missmatched and probably wouldn't make power passed 5500 RPM lol. And I'm thinking the pistons will need to be fly cut more. The pistons already have pretty big valve reliefs but still, 2.1 intake valve size is pretty damn big.

    Oh also once he gets it back together we'll be taking it and mine to a local shop (anyone ever hear of Brian's Truck Shop?) to get them dyno'd. I'm hoping for 300 outta mine and I honestly don't know what to guess on his.
  4. Yes, it would definitely run out of steam with the p heads
  5. The funny thing is that the car really surprised me with how well it ran even with P heads on it. So I'm really excited to see what it will do with the AFR's.
  6. Good luck on the car. Sounds like it'll be a stout performer. My guess is 10.20-10.40 and probably mid 9's on the juice
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  7. Sounds like he's making the switch from a .22LR to a .50 BMG with those heads haha.
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  8. Cleaned his old heads up because I'm going to put them on my truck. He had an 850 carb feeding this motor. As you can see, it ran rich.

    The right combustion chamber is the one that I cleaned up and it's still not all too great looking lol.

    His heads did come in today and they are SWEET

    And his pistons were just as dirty as his combustion chambers were. He sprayed some carb cleaner on em and wiped em a little but that's as far as he got
    I still think he'll have too much carb even after he gets those heads on. And he's decided to stay with the cam he has so no solid roller. He decided against that because he has to buy different headers because his Flowtechs are only 1 5/8 and he'll need at least 1 3/4.
  9. Obviously he's chocking those heads with the headers/cam. But it still should run well and should pick up a lot. Interested to see what it does. Did he get any times before the switch?
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  10. No he lost interest before we ever made it to the track. But we've been given access to our towns old drag strip so us and some friends are going to attempt to open it back up so we'll have a place to run it. If that falls through we'll have to travel a few hours to the nearest strip, but it will happen lol
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  11. I just upgraded from 1 5/8 to 1 3/4 on my little 347. Made a huge difference.

  12. I bet it did! How big are the heads you have on your 347?
  13. 2.1 valves are massive

    We got both the heads on tonight. Waiting on him to order rocker arms so we can measure for pushrod length and check PTV clearance. The guy who did the machine work said that we "should" be okay since the pistons have pretty big valve reliefs but I'm doubting it right now. We have to wait until dad gets his Summit card paid down a little before he can order rocker arms
  14. They are old Canfield 192cc heads. No where near as big as those AFRs. They flow 282cfm at .600"/int and 202cfm at .600"/exh.

  15. Do you know off the top of your head the width and height of your exhaust ports?
    I'm trying to decide if we can get away with 1 3/4 headers or if we have to go with 1 7/8.
  16. They are pretty much spot on with a Felpro 1415. They were ported with a 1415 gasket orginally. The width and height of the 1415 is 1.25", 1.48" according to their specs. The 1 and 3/4" headers are pretty close to the gasket too. With that giant AFR head, I would definitely go to the 1 and 7/8" header. If for nothing else, the 1 and 7/8" header will use the outer bolt holes. The 1 and 3/4" headers I have use the inner bolt holes, and it's a pain. With a 7/16" head bolt, you can't use the box end of the wrench, only the open end.

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  17. Those heads are sick!:hail:
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  18. 1 and 7/8 it is. Thank you sir
  19. DSC_0344_zps94749804.jpg

    Just waiting on rocker arms and then have to check for pushrod length. After we get that then we can check PTV clearance, I really hope it clears because I know my dad will be pissed that he put both heads on just to have to take them back off :lol:
    You'll never guess how much he paid for that Milodon pan and sump either.
  20. Scorpion 1.72's

    And here is how it's sat for a few weeks now. DSC_0358_zps2e68d6ef.jpg

    Finally got headers for it though. Team Z headers

    they were supposed to be 1 7/8 but it honestly seems like they're 1 3/4 because they use the inner bolt holes on the heads, and then about half way down the primaries they step up to a bigger size. I never bothered measuring them though.
    Waiting on a jet kit and motivation to get it all back together haha
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