351 Sn95 Drag Car

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  1. I'm guessing the PTV clearance wasn't an issue? How exactly did you check it without taking the heads back off, or did I read that wrong?
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  2. This is the part that has me worried a little still. Dad has a Snap On bore scope, and he told me to run it down through the spark plug hole and watch as he rolled the engine over. The valves didn't come anywhere close to the piston but I'm still worried since this probably isn't the best procedure to do this. He seems confident in it so we'll just see how it turns out. He's built a ton of engines (35 year automotive career) so I should probably just take his word on things haha
  3. Best of luck with that! There is a lot to be said between there looks like plenty of room and there is .xxx amount of clearance. Curious to see what it turns when you get it on the track!
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  4. Man that is recipe for trashing some brand new heads. It doesn't take any time at all to stick some clay in there and get an actual measurement.

    It's funny, because my dad is the same way. Lifetime career mechanic and the last time I helped him rebuild an engine, he insisted on torquing the head bolts by feel. That was a junk engine in a junk car though, not a $2K set of heads on a race motor haha.
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  5. It's amazing at the kind of stuff you can get away with in the automotive field lol.
    Watch his engine run flawlessly and never have a problem, whereas if I did something similar, I'd have a chewed up set of heads and pistons in the first 20 seconds.
  6. Taking the car to the strip Friday night. Car runs great without issue. I'll be sure to stick my GoPro on the car
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  7. Hell yeah, cant wait to see it!
  8. Plans got cancelled lol. Dads car hauler trailer has a lift on it so no way to transport it to the track
  9. He red lighted it and let out way early (he thought Rogersville only ran 1/8th), but 6.1 1/8th and he hasn't been to a strip in years
    1797540_10203706438640221_3234247167168650496_n.jpg 10153897_717342514984114_1045461077127092335_n.jpg
  10. I honestly think the 6.1 is actually a messed up 8.1 but I'm not gonna crash his party :lol:
  11. Def not right at 84 mph.
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  12. That's what I was thinking. But we won't be going to the drag strip again any time soon lol
    Push rods for cylinders 4 and 8 decided to bend and 1 of the lifters collapsed on the second pass. He's ordered a solid roller cam so that'll be going in within the next 2 weeks. Then a proper fuel set up and hopefully the nitrous lol
  13. Second pass he ended up doing a 12.5 quarter and still let off early. I have GoPro videos of them. Trying to get them uploaded right now
  14. Will probably have more time slips tonight. He's going up to the drag strip again. Hopefully he will do better this go around lol.
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