351 stroker, AFR 205's & 351 swap parts(re-list)

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Sep 11, 2000
Ellerslie GA 31807
This is a re-list... Had a local deal made for it all and thought it was a sure thing, but deal fell through.

Had it listed as a package last time, but decided to part out since having allot of request for parts individually. All parts besides cam have litterally less than 1 mile on them. Spun cam bearing on madien voyage about 1/8th mile into drive. At time block was F4 roller and the cam was a Comp blower cam, that was scored. The TFS below was purchased as replacement.

Coast Hight Performance 408 stroker kit part #10674-040-PS-F408W. Can see all the specs here-----> CHP 408 Pro Street specs Have the original receipt and the paper work for balancing. Didnt have the free balance from CHP, but instead had everything shipped new. Pistons have rings on them now, and were filed for power adder application. Does come with another set of rings that were filed for NA application. At mean time dont have rod & main bearings. Included with kit is SFI balancer... $1200 firm plus shipping & paypal. Will meet with 150 mile radius of Columbus GA 31909. Prefer a person to person deal, so not deal with paypal. Checks or money order prefered. But will not ship until payment clears, or check can be verified by my bank. Can check feedback on corral.net (myke86gt) to see Im not at to scam anyone.

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1969-- 351 block. Has bearings and freeze plugs removed. Looks like stnadard bore and ready for machine work.. $400 + paypal fee's ... Will not ship this so please dont ask. Will meet within 75 mile raduis of Columbus GA.

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DSS racing 351 stroker main support with windage tray and ARP studs... $300 shipped in lower 48
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BBK 351 swap headers-- Ceramic coated shorties... $250 + sphipping and paypal fee's...
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351 swap 7qt Hamburger pan w/pickup. Has -8 Magnafuel bulkhead($33) installed for blower/turbo return line. .... $200 shipped in lower 48 only.

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TFS stage cam-- $125 shipped in lower 48 or will trade for smaller cam. Like a TFS stage 1, wolverine 1087, E-303, etc,,,

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Scriopon 1.6 roller rockers, 7/16 stud..... $175 shipped in lower 48

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AFR 205's part #1450..... $1500 + shipping and paypal.. Another item I prefer not to ship. But will if buyer willing to pay for shipping. Have receipt for these also. And will inlcude set of ARP 1/2 Head studs.

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TFS hardened pushrods.... 7.750 length. These were used with the AFR's with an F4 roller block. $70 shipped in lower 48.

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Can contact me at [email protected] Again will not ship the block no matter what. And prefer person to person deal on bigger items. Mainly not ot mess with paypal fee's and buyer can see parts 1st before purchasing. Depending on part(s) will determine distance. Bigger the packge the further willing to travel, up to 150-175 mile radius of Columbus GA 31909
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