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  1. i have been talking to my builder a lot lately and he keeps pushing me towards a 351 based block i really want the extra cubes but a few members on this board kinda pointed me back to a 302 block...so my question is was it a lot of work to do the swap? my builder is good at finding stuff so i would like to know whats the best to go 410? what heads and cams work well in these car also ...basically any advice i would appreciate and if you got a bay shot i would like to see that also thanks guys
  2. Remember the 1995 Cobra R had a 351 so the parts for this swap should be somewhat easy to find and be able to use them on a '93. You'll need an oil pan, headers, 351 distributor, intake, new hood for clearance, accessory brackets, flywheel/flexplate, 28 oz balancer, and then a computer tune. For a 410, go with the AFR 205, DART 210, TFS High Port CNC, they're all good heads and will match a 410, a Comp Xtreme Cam, and a Holley Systemax II intake. That seems to be the best intake for a stroker, and go with at least 30 pound injectors, maybe 36, and a MAS, at least 80mm calibrated for them.
  3. you dont think i could sqeeze that under a stock 94 hood..? i got a pin on cobra r hood but i think pin ons are lame... but i like all the advice you gave for heads and i love that intake so i will keep that a consideration :)
  4. Cool deal and you won't be able to squeeze it under the stock hood. 351's sit about 2 inches higher than a 302 and need that extra room. Didn't know if you were talking about your '93 or '94 but either will be a hoss with it, hope it works. :nice:
  5. you can get it under a stock hood with drop mounts and/or aftermarket k-member. No, swapping in a 351 isn't that hard. before i did my swap, I had basically zilch experience working on cars and I was able to do it with just advice from this board and corral and a good deal of reading up on other internet sites. Surprisingly, everything worked.
  6. it is more work than a 302 swap, but not that much more. definately worth the extra work.
    pistons: definately use forged
    rods: not much choice, noone makes cast rods the correct length for a stroker
    crank: if you are staying n/a, you can use a cast crank.
    seems like alot of guys go with afr 205s or 225s, but many of the other heads would work well too. also, most guys seem to go with custom cams, but there is a guy on hardcore5.0 with 418 fox with a comp cam XE282 and an auto tranny that runs 10.69
    here's mine ... it is not yet finished ...

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  7. Eagleautosports has it mostly right. If this is for a 94/95, you don't need new accessory brackets. Also, with the right intake and drop mounts/k-member it can fit under a stock hood.

    As for a size, go with the biggest you can afford. Anything within the 408-427 range would be good. Make sure you have a good size budget if you go with a 351 stroker. I've seen it done for just over $4000 with all used parts, mine was around $7-8k with a slightly used longblock and the rest new, and another guy I know had his built professionally with all new parts for somewhere around $11k or more.

    Here's a pic of mine :)

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  8. I bow to the one who's actually done it. Low 5.0, :hail2: Awesome engine bay.
  9. Looks really nice Mike :nice:

  10. With that many cubes I would go with a more aggressive intake than the Holley. Look at Low-5.0's choice. You will have so much more bottom end torque than a 302 anyway that traction will be an issue.

    I'm not sure how to post a link but if you go here you can see pic's of my motor in and out of the car. Also there are some good shots of my Intake! :)

  11. I agree :nice:

    Another thing I've seen is just a sign of the times :shrug:

    Most peeps of today have no way to relate to big cubes since
    they are not around any more in production vehicles

  12. Are those caster camber plates important? I mean to keep structural integrity of the strut towers? I have "heard" our strut towers are weak.:shrug:
  13. damn, i think i need to get a more agressive intake and cam .... :bang:

    with coil-overs, strut tower integrity is an issue. the coil-overs put much more stress on the towers.

    at least it seemed that way to me. here's why ...

    i had coil-overs, and since i had a kenne-bell, i could not have a strut tower brace. after i took the kb out, my brace doesn't fit the same any more because the towers are about 1/2" further apart then they used to be.
  14. low5.0 your pics not loading for me :( but i will more then likely have a new tubular k my friend/mechaincic has a friend that makes them they are autually really nice i was surprised... i can get 351 blocks all day i need the kit whatever size i go with and heads....i love gradys intake and i think they make it for a 351....hows the height grady is it a lot taller then stock and any coments would that intake be a good one for bigger cubes....since i have the bottle i will more then likely keep the set up on the stroker too so i want a good stroker kit. whats a good kit for 352 based blocks?
  15. Thanks. I was thinking in terms of the higher torque engine though..
  16. Several nice benefits with the Edel brand of intakes

    One is they provide just enough more room under the bottom of the intake
    you don't have to mess around with or spend money for a spacer

    They flow pretty good

    They are not seen as much as others

    As for my RPM and height .....
    The front corner just kisses the hood blanket but
    It has caused no probs of any kind


    You will have different issues using it with a Windsor Trav :shrug:

    One of them for sure is ...............
    the height will be taller unless you do it like Stevie boy did

  17. not to still the thread but wat all vehicle models does the 351w come in
  18. lots of cars, trucks and vans had the 351 windsor
  19. i was just wondering wat year models to look for while junkyard shopping

    which ones had the best for our cars and which were already fuel injected
  20. It also depends on if you want a roller (or roller cam ready) 351w or not. You can run a roller cam in either a roller block or make an older non-roller block able to run a roller cam.

    The 351w roller was not avail. until mid 93 or so. The casting marks by the starter or bell are F4TE. The best place to look will be trucks and vans.

    The later casting 351w are gen. though of as not as strong as the older (72 and older IIRC...might be later in the 70's) blocks. The roller blocks are later castings so you will give up some strength over the older blocks. Most people seem to get an older block and do the retro fit lifters to run a roller cam.