351 stroker guys

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  1. A 351 stroker in a sn95 is very inspiring but also very pricey. Low 5.0 musch credit to you.
  2. A windsor is the way to go. And if i can do it anyone can.
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  3. Well I guess we are not going to get any feedback on the strength we were talking about:shrug:

    Anyway some say how much more it costs, well in the latest mags you can buy a short block for $700 more than a 331 or 347. That is cheep for what you get!:nice:
  4. For those of you who done it :D

    How about a ball park dollar figure for the things needed to setup
    the car to accept the Windsor.

    Not the motor ... just everything needed to be ready for it.

    btw ... I would want to go with a new hood :nice:
    I don't want NVH from the ... drop the motor method

    I'm curious about the difference between ......
    347 which needs none of that
    OEM or .030 over rebuilt stock Windsor which does

    See where I'm goin with this ... You got basically the same cubes
    The 347 would show that Windsor its t-lites

    Yes ... You can stroke the Windsor ... but for now ... I'm more
    interested in the conversion cost :D

    I have no interest in an auto trans of any kind btw :)

  5. oh well i got a auto so nevermind
  6. Does the 347 have the tail lights in front? :rlaugh:

    Meaning.. the general rule is that:

    10hp = .10th in the quarter.
    100 pounds = .10th in the quarter.

    358 = 11 xtra cubes = 11rwhp more than 347... plus the added benefit of the stronger block and potential.

    ..or do you mean cost wise...:shrug:
  7. Yep!

    You use the same induction on a 347 and a 351 and the 347 makes more power ALL day EVERY day! :nice:
  8. I don't follow you here with the weight and all :shrug:

    All I said is a built 347 will out perform a OEM 351 OR one
    that has had a 30 over bore clean up.

    I mean ... Really ... An OEM 351 ain't gonna set the world on fire

    I'm looking for the additional cost to go to the larger motor :D

    I can go stroked, forced, juiced or whatever with a 5.0
    block and not have that additional expense.

    Hey ... I'm just fact gathering here ;)
    I'm not saying one is better or worse :nono:

    I am saying you gotta bite off the extra expense :(
    You wanna go with ... ANY ... Windsor option :)

    Sorry if I was not all that clear above with my concerns :D

  9. O Ok. I did not understand what you were saying Grady. Yes $$ wise a built 347 would pass a oem 358 (or just bored out 351 with factory heads)... :nice:

    I was thinking you were comparing both engines with equal components and saying the 347 would outrun the 357 or 358 or whatever... In that scenario I was thinking thatthe bored out 351 had 11 or more rwhp (using your method of calc for an built engine). Then I was saying it would weigh more ..like 50-100# max.. And the difference in HP would put them about neck and neck or so... :)

    BTW I am interested in comparing that kind of thing. Ihave found many folks including myself experiencing the prior formula of 10HP must be added for 100# to stay at the same speed in the quarter.

    Also that if your mod gives you one tenth in the quarter that it is good for roughly 10 HP. :)

    LET me add that if you take off 100# from your car you will gane approx 1/10th as well. Does that make sense? I thought you knew that general rule of thumb? :)

    Also what is "NVH" please? Thanks!
  10. Yes, I know about the weight and 1/4 mile thing

    I just did not see how that was relevant to my inquiry

    Noise Vibration & Harshness .......
    You see that used all the time when talking about suspension stuff

    If you wanna talk about equal 347 vrs 351/357 h/c/i combos

    Don't be too quick to believe :nono:
    The Windsor is gonna have the advantage in ALL situations :nono:

    There are just so many variables that can crop up :crazy:
    One will get the nod one way ... and ... the other will the next ;)

    Each application has it's advantages and disadvantages :D

    The main focus here is ... We're talkin 350 cubes :banana:

    NOW ... How much to get our Stangs ... Windsor Ready :cool:

  11. this makes no sense to me at all....your compairing a stroker to a stocker... if you compared a 347 to a 408 i think the 408 would be victorious....and a 408 is the low end of a 351 stroker where a 347 is a maxed stroker on the 302
  12. Wow dude, you just don't get it.

    Ugh, im NOT explaining it.

    A 347 is not a "maxed" out stroker on a 302.

    Why am I still posting in this thread? :nonono:

  13. why do you post at all then? im a noob and im looking for advice...if you have some to contribute then great im all ears...you dont need to be rude or nothing i have never seen a larger stroker kit for a 302 block so i said maxed. biggest i have seen for a 351 is a 428 so to me both of them would be maxed out... guess i know nothing :shrug:

    because i dont get it.. how do you compare a 347 to a 351..? compare a 302 to a 351 that would make sense to me
  14. Ok, sorry about that. Sometimes typed word is so off from the actual intent of the poster , lol. I also agree with you that there are lots of differences in the two engines and a lot of comparison. So....To answer your question ..(Please keep in mind you have ebvery right to disagree with me on the choices/options as we sometimes do)..

    I know of a place you can get the 351 short block for $1000(hyp , flat top pistons, arp rod bolts...same price for a stroker kit..wash? no..you cause you sell your old engine..so you are ..$5,6,700 ahead if you sold your shortblock.. Plus you need:

    new distributor $150
    new hood $500 shipped from reliable source + painting = NO NVH :)
    you MIGHT be able to get away with the stock rad
    same water pump :)
    same alum heads port them if you want...(redo the bolt holes)
    I would use the track heat intake or port the one you have..but you'd at least
    have to buy a NEW lower - $250
    NEW "swap" headers - $220 summit bbk
    NEW fuel rails $180 (or extend existing ones)
    NEW flywheel $100

    = lets call that STILL $1250+ at least MORE than the cost of STROKING your current block..What did I miss guys?:shrug:

    edit - these numbers can be adjusted 7 ways to Sunday too...depending on tons of factors...add 393 or 408 or forged internals...etc..numbers go waaay up...
  15. When I made the comment that you can get a shortblock for $700 more, that was for a 408ci Not a 351. This thread is about 351 strokers. If you buy the kits they are maybe $500 more than a 302 based stroker. The machine work all costs the same but you will have to find a block......which any junkyard has plenty of for cheep.

    A lot of guys have a aftermarket hood already ( Or want one anyway), so then the cost isn't as much as most people think.

    You will need pretty much what was said above and a 351 oil pan ( which the junkyard will throw in for free!)
  16. yeah im not seeing anything that drastically needs to be done for the conversion or anything.. worst part is what the tune??
  17. Let's say you have a bone stock 302 and want to install a 351. We'll say that all the parts are the same as what you would put on a 347 except for the 351 specific parts.

    Distributor, $290 from MSD(probably the same price as a 302 dizzy)
    Lower intake, maybe about $50-100 more than a 302 lower
    Headers, approx. $300 for cheap ones, $600+ for Kooks.
    Retro fit lifters if it's a non roller block, $400
    Oil pan, $???
    351 balancer/flywheel, $???
    Hood, $150-$400 + paint
    Additional cost of block/rotating assembly, ~$500-$700

    I don't know the cost of the oil pan, balancer, and flywheel because they came with my block, but I don't think they would be much more than 302 parts. I may have missed something in there, but I think that's it.
  18. O shoot. You are right s351 I forgot the oil pan. Yes that is around $250-350.

    Hi Low. Did yo umiss my post? "351 balancer/flywheel, $???" I put that above.
  19. He's comparing cubic inches, 347 vs. 351. The 347 will win over a 351(or so I've heard), mainly because of lighter internals IIRC. Of course a 400+ci stroker will beat a 347 most of the time. It'll cost a lot more too.
  20. Doh! I just woke up about an hour ago, I'm still not thinking quite right. :D

    I don't see a balancer on your list tho, just the flywheel. ;)