351C cam selection help


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Sep 10, 2018
Los angeles
I'm currently building a 351c 4 barrel with a holley 4150 750 double pumper,closed chamber heads and stock 4v 1970 intake. I have a cam that came with a rebuild kit will it be to my needs if I just want it for street use. I'm leaning to a little above stock build. It's being backed up by a 4 speed toploader. It's my first build ever. Here are the specs of the cam
Manufacturers Description: Fair idle, power, economy.
Intake Duration @ .050": 204
Exhaust Duration @ .050": 214
Advertised Intake Duration (@ .006"): 282
Advertised Exhaust Duration (@ .006"): 292
Intake Valve Lift with OE Rocker Ratio (1.73): .486"
Exhaust Valve Lift OE Rocker Ratio (1.73): .512
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Apr 12, 2002
that is a nice cam for the street. that cam should make decent power from about 1500-6000 rpm, right where you want it for the street. the only part of your build i think needs changing are the carb, i am not a fan of double pumpers for the street, and the intake, i think a weiand stealth or performer rpm intake would serve your build better than the stock intake. i also think the edelborck thunder series carb in 750 would do you better as well.
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