351C Dyno Numbers

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  1. Over the next couple of years Im going to be doing a rotissorie restoration on my 1970 Mach 1 351C-4v. Right now Im gathering parts. Just trying to get an idea how capable these 351C engines are and how to build one. Please post your dyno numbers and the main components you used. Thanks for the help.
  2. 408 cleveland. Scat stroker crank, scat h-beam rods. 11.5-1 compression. 4v heads. solid roller cam .623 lift. 242 duration @.50. Torker intake with 800dp Holley. MSD Dist. Jesel Roller Rockers. 567 f/wheel hp.
  3. The 351 cleveland was one of the most capable motors ford ever built. They were very fast even stock, I mean the 4 barrel ones. A 71 boss 351 out ran a 69 mack 1 with the 428 cj in an old edition of hot rod that I had read and the 71 was heavier to boot. The 351, 429 and 460 were a step forward in performance with thier big ports heads, it's a shame that they cam e out as performance was nearing an end. Ford brought back the boss 302, I would like to see them bring back the 351 cleveland 4bl as a create engine, heads and all. It would be a great plateform for a lot of racers today.
  4. 351C stock bottom end

    4V heads

    some sort of crower cam,

    Weiand Dual tunnal ram with holley 4 brl carbs on top.

    Made 400 HP to the wheels, running rich... oh and the HP kept climbing at 6300 RPMS, it never peaked :)
  5. Thanks for the info. Thats what I was looking. What have you done to your 4V heads? Please keep the numbers coming! Later.
  6. I think they were just ported some, and udgraded valve springs. the cam didnt come in until about 4000 rpms,. and it liked the upper RPMS. I wanna in the .620 range for valve lift.
  7. My brother had a 67 Cougar XR7 w/ a 351c-4v, auto(c6?), and rear out of a 70 Mach 1. No dyno #'s as this was in the early/mid 70's. That combo stock, w/ I think 3.00 gears ran mid 14's. After bolt-ons, Hooker super comps(1 7/8" or 2"?) comp cams stage II, edelbrock intake(I believe single plane), 800 Holley dp, and 4.30's,(I thought they were 3.90's) it ran a best of 13.2 @ 107mph. Keep in mind this was with crap lo/no tech, G60-15 bias ply tires. The heads and short block were dead stock. With traction, I'm sure solid 12's @ 108 were possible. That car was a blast to drive. Surprised a few on the street, especially an early BB box Nova. But that's another story. The only pita was that it ran hot, even w/ a BB radiator. But a gotta tell ya, that C-land rocked! Good luck w/ your build.