351c question

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  1. i normally hang around in the 5.0 section but i have a ? that concerns an older engine

    i rebuilt a 351c to replace the 302 in my f150, i cant seem to get it running quite right. reman dist rebuilt carb etc. ive ran 3 different known good carbs on it and no major difference in the way it runs. it runs fine in the idle circut and also when the power valve is open, its in between that it seem like its lean(has .056 jets on motorcraft 2 bbl, ive only seen upto 57 on that style carb) ive advanced the timing till pre-ign with the vac advance hooked upto ported, then retarded it 5 degrees. the power it has isnt much more than the old 302 but i also havnt brought up the rpm very high yet(75 miles on engine). and the exhaust sounds strange lots of air flow like single exhaust on a big engine when i step on it(dual glasspaks, only temperary) at idle i can only explain that it sounds like a 366 gmc,also its very cold blooded. the only thing i can think of is that i got the timing chain off a tooth but i think that it would barely run if thats the case.
    is it just that they ran like this or is something wrong. this is my first 351c so i dont know their quirks
  2. sorry i thought i was in tech. can this be moved?