351C Supercharger Kit

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  1. Who would be interested in such a monster? I am NOT soliciting... as I have nothing to offer at the moment. I am however trying to gauge interest. Seeing as the 351C is a "classic" engine, I thought it best to gauge interest here.

    What would you be willing to go without (power steering, air conditioning, etc.)? What would a mounting and drive kit (basically brackets and pulleys) be worth to you? Everything else can be bought "generically," but the pulleys and brackets would be pretty specific to at 351C in a classic Mustang... and fit under the hood :)

    Well? What about it?
  2. dump the a/c it's overrated anyway,

    I got 4 by 70 and it's hot but even when I'm sitting in traffic with the sweat a pouring everyone still looks at my car and I just smile away.

  3. Is that a yes, you are interested? :)
  4. ac heater powersteering who needs em :)
  5. i don't think 351Cs are rare enough to warrant that, there a lot of engines that are much rarer. I think there would definitely be a market... all those guys winding their C's up to 8000 rpm probably could tell you better...
  6. i'd definitely be interested. i'd probably just go with the stock cobra jet brackets + accessories. i'd love a/c, but i could just as easily do w/o it. PS i MAY be able to go without, depending how heavy the car is and how big the tires are
  7. I'm not specifically interested (as I never plan on installing a 351C), but I do have a question... Are you talking about a centrifugal unit or a roots style?

    If its a centrifugal type, why would it be necessary to dump ps, a/c, etc.? Is there a problem with the pulley/belt system, like alignment? As I recall, these accessories mount similarly on the 351C as they do on a 302 or 351W, right? And if you do a passenger side mount, shouldn't it be possible to simply relocate the alternator down to make a bit of room for the head unit?

    Just curious... :shrug:
  8. Yes, interested. What type of supercharger.
    I'm tossing around an idea for an axial flow set-up with electronic fuel injection.
  9. Yes to the centrifugal

    a 351C isnt exactly a W motor either... and in a classic Mustang. Powersteering is a possibility (as soon as the base bracket is done, I might look at it, but my car has no PS), but AC is out. I am looking at the 1970 Mustang... there just aint no way without chopping the car... and then its no longer a "bolt on." The kit I would offer would have to fit under the hood, no mods to the engine bay.

    Maybe with a smaller supercharger... the Novi 2000 is the size of a basketball though... but I dont think anything smaller would serve as well. A Novi 1000, if pushed to the limit, would get you 7 PSI on a 351, but that is it. With the Novi 2000, you can get 5-7 easy, and then as much as 15 (guessing) later should you choose (with the appropriate extensive modification of the lower end).

    Nobody currently makes a 351W kit. The 289/302 wont fit (per Paxton). Paxton says they are likely coming out with a W kit, probably not the C kit though.
  10. Novi 2000
  11. [Nobody currently makes a 351W kit.

    I do.
    I've installed about 5 kits in 67-68 mustangs.
    351W, 302, 289 engines.
    Some with engine bay modifications if an intercooler was desired, and some without engine bay modifications.
    Last weekend I did an engine bay modification w/o an intercooler as the goal was to get a better source of fresh air intake.
    Usually with Prochargers, as I've had the best luck with them.
    Factory power steering remains unaltered in the same location.
    A/C is a possibility, but to date I have not done one.
    All of these mods will fit under tthe factory hood.
  12. So are you doing a passenger or driver side mount? I just assumed that if you were going to have to make custom brackets, then there might be a way to mount the head unit on the passenger side, similar to late model 5.0s. I understand about the 351C & 351W being larger than the 289/302s, but after looking at my own '70 (and knowing they installed 428s with smog pumps on some of these cars), makes me think there is still room to work with.

    My current plans involve installing a Paxton SN60 on the 302 currently in my Mach, mounted on the passenger side, keeping stock ps and the new Sanden a/c compressor. I'll have to custom make mounting plate/bracket, and already anticipate moving the battery to the trunk and lowering the alternator mount. It may be ambitious to keep the a/c and ps, but those are "must haves" for me... I'll post the end result whenever I actually get to it.

    Good luck.
  13. It'd be an interesting addition, but I am not currently interested. Although maybe in a few years, and definately after the rebuild.

  14. Driver side. Passenger is way too tight.

    I was gonna go with an SN as well, but there isnt much room for growth on a 351C. Check with Paradise Wheels. I have a friend that used them and I think he kept everything. They also sell NEW SN 2000 units.
  15. I'd definately be interested!
    i've got a 72 mach 1 with the cleveland, its got the ram air hood i dont really want to cut a hole in, but i want some type of supercharger. i've been looking into making brackets myself but i dont think i am that talented.
    For my car at least, the unit would work great on the drivers side above the power steering unit. i
    'm pretty sure i have the largest engine bay out of the mustangs so i can only speak for the 71-73 cars.
    i also wanted to run an intercooler for a centrifigal supercharger.
    but if you decide to go ahead with it let me know.
  16. Well this thread is an oldie but a goodie I suppose......You should only be interested if the brackets and setup look this nice when you are done ;)