351w 1967 Toploader Swap

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  1. Hey guys, im am brand new to this forum, and would just like to say that i am glad to be here. Anyway, i have had my 1967 coupe stang for a few months now, and love almost everything about it, except for the fact that its an automatic. I would very much enjoy to drive a 4 speed toploader in it, just because i like driving stick over auto. Now i realize that there are plenty of threads on this swap, and i have a list of the required parts i am going to need, but i would very much appreciated some help on getting the correct tranny for my specific car. I found that in 67, on a 289 mustang the toploader code is RUG-E. Being that i have a 351w out of a 69 car, would this bolt up directly? If not please let me know what code i should look for. Also, once i am finished with the swap, if i sell the automatic parts that came off of the car do you think i would be able to make most of my money back?
  2. The top loader code you have is for a Wide ratio ,it will work with a 351. All the small block 4 speeds will interchange with 289, 302, and 351.
    There is a site for 4 speeds and most other Ford parts that every one should see ,it has part numbers for all Ford parts . www.mustangtek.com
    This is really a great site .:nice::nice:
  3. I don't think you will get "most" of your money back. Some of it for sure, but not most. A used C4 that needs a rebuild isn't in high demand these days...