Progress Thread 351W 4FTE Build Part 1 & Part 2


Jan 14, 2018
Cleveland, OH
HI Guys,
Back in March I asked some final questions regarding updating an old GT40 crate engine. Here are some pics from the update.
Starting with draining the radiator (no petcock) and removing the exhaust I began with the disassembly.
Summit Radiator.jpg

Dirty Old Trans Pan:
AOD Before.jpg

Dirty GT40 crate on the stand:
Dirty Block.jpg

F4TE Blocks are set up for Roller Cam, So the .498 lift cam was replaced by a Comp Cams HE274HR cam
Roller Cam Block.jpg

Prepping the TFS Heads - Drilling out the bolt holes for 351W, swapping single springs for double springs
Valve Spring Redo.jpg
Valve Springs #2.jpg
Drilling out Head Bolt Holes.jpg

The Roller Cam required a change in pushrods (8.050) and PTV clay test.
Push Rod Checked.jpg
Clay Check.jpg
Clay Check .jpg


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Jan 14, 2018
Cleveland, OH
Healthy dish on the 4FTE block
351 F4TE Piston.jpg

351 scrubbed and painted.

Degreased and Painted.jpg

Back in
351W Back In .jpg

Accessories On:
351w Accessories On.jpg

Intake and Carb On:
Intake On .jpg

Carb On .jpg

Trans filter and fluid changed while I was at it:
AOD After.jpg

All done:

So my covid-19 break allowed for a leisurely 2 month swap. I worked on it when it was warm and when I was in a good mood. It actually starts easier and runs smoother with the roller cam even though I gained a half inch in lift. Car pulls hard and obliterates 225 tires all through 1st and 2nd gear. All in all, a worthwhile swap.


5 Year Member
May 2, 2006
Very nice! Thanks for posting the build pictures. That's got to be a blast to drive. It's the engine package that Ford should have offered in production. ;)

I really like the tall cast aluminum valve covers. It reminds me of the old school FMS days when those covers were used on every serious engines. I used to run those on my big block drag car. I miss that look.
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