351w Aluminum Heads

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  1. I recently just purchased a 87 notchback with a 351w, and I'm looking to get some insight what cc heads I'd need to good compression for pump gas. The engine is an 84 351w, edlebrock performer rpm intake, Holley carb, bigger cam not sure on exact specs (car is less the. A week old to me) and stock heads are ported, and the shortblock is stock. Basically likei said up top just want to slap some heads on it to add someextra power until next year when I rebuild thee go sa d forget he internals. This winter is focused primarily on suspension and interior.
  2. TW 205cc.

  3. x2 for some TFS 205cc cylinder heads!!
  4. X3 TFS 205cc heads with the 56cc chambers
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